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Constance Jablonski in a Swim Campaign of the Day


Constance Jablonski is some model who from France, and poses topless, because that’s what bikini tops are like in France…but not today….because she’s a fucking sell out and not being true to what has mattered in her career and what makes her country’s beaches worth going to….all them titties….

Coupled with French girls being absolute sexual beasts…sluts..even the sweet, skinny leg ones…who you’d fall in love with just looking at them, but don’t have to because they’ll let you fuck their asses on the first encounter because as an emotional people, they have zero self control….especially when it comes to eroticism….

So here she is posing for a Swim campaign…looking good…because it’s not her other employers…the evil Victoria’s Secret people, even though they are probably all affiliated in this racket that is the “fashion industry”…catering to cunts with egos, gay guys and girls…while overcharging rich people…by casting their daughters in campaigns…and exploiting third world countries…fuck that noise…but I’d rather fuck the noise that comes out of Constance when she sees my micro cock…

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