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Vanessa Hudgens Finds Her California of the Day



Find Your California, not because it’s lost…but because some hipster, make-up artist, with access to celebrities because there’s a circle and when you’re in it, even the dumbest of ideas get co-signed, especially when they are based around the state that gave these egos the egos they have…there’s a love for the sunny weather…and all the money it has made them…via Disney…also created in California…

So here’s Vanessa Hudgens participating in the “movement” that’s hardly a movement, but rather subpar, average at best pics and I’m just mad Vanessa Hudgens didn’t find her California when she posted or leaked those nude pics…because we should revisit those..now that she’s not 17…or pretending to be 17….to get her bush removed from the internet…

I prefer when ASHLEY BENSON found her California with a sheer bra top – showcasing what really matters about Ashley Benson…and what I guess she’s learned from her California…once she found her California, and that is that her tits..can carry her….

But these will do, I guess.

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