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Vanessa Hudgens Skinny of the Day

Vanessa Hudgens Skinny

Vanessa Hudgens has fought the PUDGE…you see cuz there was a period of time when she looked like a bloated waterlogged pig floating into camp…all hairy like the monkey she is….

But as it turns out, she’s decided to go KETO with the Slim Fast Keto bars that I am sure are just using the catch phrase Keto since it is a trend that was once called the Atkins Diet, to push the Keto diet, or to get in on the Keto Diet, by offering all the diabetics of America an official sugar free bar…

I can assure you that she did not get fit like this from eating Slim Fast bars like a fat bitch on disability in her trailer park…but that it came from years of exercise, and probable fasting…eating very fucking little…which is the fastest way into Ketosis…..

BUt bitch is getting paid, and decided to do it in her panties, the way she should, and her body looks great, better than when she was posting underage pics of her massive bush in an era where bush was bad…..

So…I call bullshit on the Slim Fast bar being the reason she looks like this, but it could be the rest of the carbfree tactics she uses, and it’s a reminder to all that you don’t need to be a fat fuck dot com….if you put a little effort in…and when you ge there…post the panty pics…


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Vanessa Hudgens Ass in Bike Shorts of the Day

Vanessa Hudgens Ass Tight Black Bike Shorts

Here’s some Vanessa Hudgens in bike shorts, because that’s the style now, people wear them out to fancy events, Kanye and his clothing company take credit for it, but it’s really just bullshit, bike shorts have been around forever, I mean every weekend I see a crew of Jewish Orthodontists ride by like clockwork for the last 18 years in bike shorts…

Back when sexuality was a thing, I used to call people gayer than Bicycle shorts, because bike shorts are pretty gay, I mean how much speed and comfort is it providing these weekend warriors…it’s not like they are riding to Tour De France…but I am not allowed to say gay now, it’s against the law, a hate crime….Not to mention, when they are on girls, they are hot, even old timers like Vanessa Hudgens….who may be best known as a girl who leaked her nudes, thick bush out, claiming to be barely 18…but she was also on Disney’s High School musical and is now whatever the fuck a bike short wearing girl in public is….


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Vanessa Hudgens Pussy Dance of the Day

Vanessa Hudgens, someone I don’t write about nearly enough, did a little underwear pussy dance…for the perverts in what could be a bathing suit…but that we know as perverts is the same as underwear that’s why we celebrate bikinis as clothing item…it’s like “Sure it’s a bathing suit that keeps you protected from the elements, and not a bra and panty set that makes us want to jerk off, totally different fabrics you know…one is functional and doesn’t tap into our perversion the other fuels our perversions….WINK WINK”…kind of thing…

Well, she’s a legend in her own right, now that shes into fitness and not fat…from High School musical…to being one of the early adopters of sexting and leaked nudes…to having an amazing bush because she’s a hairy little thing…I am all about it…

Older now, hotter now, hopefully not laser hair removal-ed now after the world BUSH SHAMED HER….hoping she’s a survivor and not someone who is insecure about her hair..ruining my fucking life by getting rid of her bush….

Here’s her pussy dance.

Vanessa Hudgens Tits and Ass in Red Bikini

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Vanessa Hudgens Armpit Tit Flash of the Day

I don’t really understand why Vanessa Hudgens is walking around with her hands over her head, but I guess it’s to show the world that she’s not as hairy as she used to be, you know being a little monkey, and the dude staring at her armpit is as amazed as you should be…

I prefer when she shows off her tits in leaked sexting pictures, that happened before it was a trend to be naked all day everyday on social media…when it was still exciting…when something like that kind of scandal dropped…..

This weird armpit / side tit / hands over head like she’s in a hostage taking…is just boring…but I bet at least one of you jerk off to it…

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Vanessa Hudgens and Friends in Bikinis of the Day

Vanessa Hudgens has been working out, and has always been an exhibitionist, I mean one of the first with nude pics leaked, she knows how to whore herself out for attention or whatever it is that she does…now more than ever because she’s finally got fit and her body looks good – so there’s more reason to get this kind of content out there, plus it’s how they stay competitive in a world of naked bitches everywhere….so bring it..

I just find it sad, not because it is desperate, but because she’s not showing off her massive bush, that I know she’s capable of.

I am a bush lover and when I know a girl has had bush, but doesn’t show off said bush anymore, because she probably waxed it off out of insecurity from being mocked by the BUSH haters….

It makes me sad, but then again, maybe I am just sad due to deeper rooted issues…yeah probably.

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Vanessa & Stella Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale Bikini Party of the Day

In what was one of the lamest old lady trying to be current, relevant and in line with the times – because they were once it-girls and they don’t want that shit to ever die – only they were it-girls when it wasn’t about being cool, in fact it was about being lame as fuck, and that is just something they’ll have to carry with them into their 40s…as they record bikini videos, barely scandalous, in some too late to be a rebel, to softcore vanilla to be considered rebelling, but you know when they filmed this – they thought it was the best thing ever…because they are the fucking worst..

I do like that Vanessa Hudgens was early to the nude seflie game, and that she’s not fat…and I guess her sister’s fat tits with hard nipples is ok to…but over all…LAME, embarrassing, sad…but it still happened…and they still thought it was wonderful…so delusion…is the answer…

They probably own the app they are endorsing…


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Vanessa Hudgens Braless and Skinny of the Day

Vanessa Hudgens was once Vanessa PUDGENS cuz I’m so fucking clever I should be shot in the face…

She likes like a crackhead tranny dying of aids in the 80s, but nice NIPPLE ring…

She is no longer fat, since no one should be fat, and since no one likes fat chicks, not even fat chicks, but it is funny when fat chicks lose all the weight and lose themselves thinking everyone only likes them because of their looks because no one liked them when they had no looks…so their actual person is reduced to looks…then they either get fat again, or kill themselves trying to stay skinny because it’s nice to get things for being skinny…

ALWAYS funny – the fat chick turned hot chick breakdown after she’s been fucked by one too many dudes and realizes she means nothing…amazing..

Memorial Day…That’s What’s Up…

To See The Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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Vanessa Hudgens Bikini Pics of the Day

Vanessa Hudgens has been getting fit and in getting fit – the slutty selfies in bikini – designed to be just casual hanging out – but we know the reality – the truth – what they are really about….because slutty selfies is the only way to be relevant, otherwise why would all these girls do it…

Sex Sells, nudity sells, and no matter what dude created “empowering” of women marketing hook, to get them all to actively participate, while knowing the same thing we’ve all known forever, sex sells…

To think these people don’t know exactly what they are doing is just dumb of anyone who believes it

I trust that we are smarter than this…and know that TITS are still tits no matter what bullshit is attached to it…

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Look at Vanessa Hudgens Fitness of the Day

Vanessa Hudgens is in on one piece bathing suit – and not because she’s fat or chunky like she has been in the past…and not because she a garbage actor because she has been in the past…and not because she’s showing the world her nude selfies in an era before nude selfies were the norm…

But because she’s looking fit, hot, hard nippled and ready to compete with actual hot chicks on instagram – who are less rich and famous…and connected….but hotter…

The nice thing about the one piece bathing suit like this is the titty profile…and more importantly…the cameltoe you know she’s hididng…like a cockteasing slut…because she knows the tease is more effective then the “Look at my cunt”….she’s industry you know..

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Vanessa Hudgens for Women’s Health and a Coachella Round-Up of the Day

Vanessa Hudgens is now a fitness ICON…

She’s come a long way from being a chubby Disney star I used to call PUDGENS because I am so clever – from the slutty selfies…before slutty selfies were thing…because she’s an innovator – and narcissist who likes looking at herself in the mirror but most interestingly – did it with a bush in an era where bush wasn’t trendy or cool – because she’s a hippie naturalist – or just a hairy girl who grows out bush in 5 minutes after shaving – who knows – or cares – she’s in a photoshoppped fitness shoot – looking good and photoshopped and that’s what matters but doesn’t matter at all – cuz no one cares about this shit…and rightfully so…

She’s at Coachella – because Coachella is the cheesiest place a motherfucker can be this weekend – just don’t tell the corporate brands and Disney stars that –

Ashley Tisdale Also at Coachella…

Let’s turn this into a who is the lame person getting paid to go to Coachella post…

Ariel Winter is there…for a brand…good job girl…fat chicks can make it…

Madison Beer – Whoever the fuck she is – I know, she’s 18 and has big tits….and should be cheesy and into this kind of thing – it’s the 30+ year olds I question..

Kylie Jenner is Super Casual and Low Profile there – She Basically Put a Neon Sign on her Fucking Mangled Tranny “she got it from her daddy” Head – I mean the family Plastic Surgeon made the dad a fuckable chick, their mutant daughter shouldn’t have been such a challenge.

Selena Gomez is on her way to the Desert…to Eat Dessert…..of The Weeknd’s Dick…she’s making it a girl weekend – but it’s a “don’t fuck other girls weeknd”…..get it..

I hear music festivals are great for people fresh out of Rehab…

Stella Hudgens was there topless – naughty Sister

Elisha Cuthbert is going because even when you’re too old to go to music festivals, you can still go to Music Festivals, and be the creepy old dude there..

Sophie Simmons and her fat girls tits were there – i wonder how she got tickets..

Jojo is in San Antonio – but that’s Honorary Desert….so it counts…

Katherine McPhee’s ass was there in a one piece – but not actually at coachella – i just figured the fry product placement was part of her coachella scam

Nicola Peltz also not there yet – but her nipples are in pictures and that counts..

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