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Charlotte McKinney is Living the American Dream of the Day


Charlotte McKinney represents two very important things about the American the dream and both are her sloppy tits and thanks to her tits….

They distract from her horse face / monkey face / weak chin face because tits like this erase faces – they are just that big.

They also are famous for just being tits, really big tits, and nothing more than tits which is essentially famous for nothing….on TV for being a star while not being a star. Having a million followers on irrelevant social media for having been on tv for being a star when she’s not a star…all because of tits…

It’s nice to live in a world where a woman can live out her lazy dream because she’s spoiled and entitled white trash all thanks to tits…

It’s nice that little girls everywhere know that without such big tits they won’t amount to an important on TV set of tits in a world where clearly tits matter, they are a currency, they buy an audience of perverts..

God bless America and the fact it makes tits great again…or great Tits can make dreams come true….

Freedom in a world where we almost lost sloppy tits to Booty….when they are this big they have to be sloppy…

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