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Natalie Imbruglia is Not Lying Naked on the Floor of the Day

Natalie Imbruglia is not lying naked on the floor…is the only thing you can really say about Natalie Imbruglia, as a one hit wonder – that’s all the world knows of her – not that she gives a fuck, that was the era of cashing the fuck in in the music industry and that song has carried her to the riches….around the world…a life of luxury and able to retire at 27….

She’s 41 years old and has been fucked by David Schwimmer, which is terrifying..but I guess in the 90s when she mattered, he was on friends and that alone made him matter…it was his one hit wonder in his own right – giving them something to discuss and people who fucked the system…

I don’t remember ever fantasizing about her laying naked on the floor song, but I remember her being cute and at 41…she’s looking pretty fucking awesome substantial….

I know, Australian women are hot, until they turn 25 and dry up into some shrivelled raisin white trash thanks to the hole in the ozone layer…I guess she hid inside on her pile of money….but at 41, maybe the only thing trying up is her fertility….and with a body like that…menopause is a hot concept, the contraceptive that is normally not of champions – but rather old bitter married people…


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