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Gigi Hadid’s Butt Shot for W Korea of the Day


Gigi Hadid is in W Korea….where those crazy Koreans turned her into a K Pop video…all shiny bathing suit – with a skinnier than usual butt shot – because as a rich kid who bought her instagram model career – that went viral and turned into an actual model career – she had to live the part and lose the fat…because you can be a fat rich twat on instagram thanks to facetune and the lie that is is social media…but you can’t if you want to walk Victoria’s Secret infomercials…and other fashion shows that figure “use the bitch with all the fans, get the press, rather than actual models”….it’s all bullshit, sponsorship money, for people who are already making money or have money – gotta keep their socio-economic class richer…more egotistical…and reminded that their insular world is the only one that matters…

I saw an interview talking about her hosting the AMAs – which is this weekend and for the record are the only music award show that ever invited me to attend – which allows you to really grasp the quality Dick Clarke has left us with….and she went on about her One Direction Boyfriend…all while looking like a muppet faced Arab terrorist that Donald Trump should deport- but won’t because he’s a liar and likes rich people – and their slutty daughters…including his own….

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