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Ireland Baldwin Creepy and Large Photoshoot of the Day


Ireland Baldwin is the worst – and now her body matches her overall demeanor – you know an “outside reflects the inside”…unless you’re into 6 foot 3 tall bitches who weigh over 200 lbs….and I guess you probably are – because they have big tits…and can subdue you in a choke hold…PORN TO EVERYONE…

Maybe she’s not that bad, I mean she was pushing the social media thing aggressively – and was on a really solid path to be what Hailey Baldwin accomplished for the family, vapid, blonde, Kardashian endorsed low hanging fruit…while this one just went dark, lesbian, dark lesbian…who ended up in Rehab….as expected when her public life started with her dad – the guy who plays Trump on SNL – calling her a worthless pig. HILARIOUS. Because he was right.

She’s blocked me on all social media, so maybe I’m bitter, because I shouldn’t be so mad about a girl in the ocean showing nipples…I should be more like “DUDE NIPPLES”…but I can’t see past the hatred I have in my soul for these rich, useless, entitled monsters….even when they are big enough to break me.


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