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Gigi Hadid – Bullshit Model of the Day


I find it hilarious that Gigi Hadid exists….I find it funny that she’s a model…that she’s an “it girl”…that she’s polarized the world into taking her seriously…all because she’s rich and connected from LA….because she’s really not all that hot…

She’s just a talented marketer, or her hired hands who manage her career are good marketers, her mom, the people from the Real Housewive’s reality show, whoever she’s working with, because they’ve positioned her as this relevant thing, which has got her work, followers, relevance, and she’s making money she doesn’t need doing it….the world takes her seriously, calls her a model despite being some spoiled cunt who bought her career after latching onto the Kardashians …pretending to be a model…but then again we have to remind ourselves that modeling is the dumbest career and anyone can do it…so long as they stand in front of a camera making serious faces and poses…even though it looks like a fucking joke..

At least she’s not fat anymore…

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