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Ireland Baldwin is Still Trying of the Day


My favorite person who has blocked me on all social media – because I guess she just can’t stand seeing my name pop up when I leave erotic messages on her social media posts – Ireland Baldwin – the one who got away, mainly because she’s big and has strong powerful legs I can’t keep up with…but also because she’s had a series of really weird breakdowns…from being a surfer girlfriend in love….to being a gothic lesbian…to going to rehab…to coming back with face fillers…as her cousin get the career she wanted to get herself…in what is a sad story for those who feel sorry for themselves, but shouldn’t because their parents are rich and they can potentially do anything they want in life…but for some reason…tehy all want to be models and social media influencers…it’s fucking weird…but at least that comes with tits…cleavage…nipples…nudes…all things slutty for attention…like this dress..

Apparently her Mooch half brazilian cousin was out last night in some mesh dress for attention – and you can see her ass in a one piece leotard thing…because that’s fashion when you’re a mooch like her cousin….Hailey…the Stephen Baldwin daughter and Jenner groupie…always out there for attention…

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