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Irina Shayk’s Dressed Like a Man for Vogue Russia of the Day

IRINA SHAYK AND BRAD COOPER WERE ON THE BEACH IN MALIBU ….but the highlight picture is her picking her pregnant ass that I can assume is bothering her fat pregnant soon to be destroyed body….maybe because she’s actually eating food now, she can let loose and fatten up…or maybe it’s hemorrhoids…or a bad wipe…it could be that he just fucks her ass because it reminds him of his gay years…and they don’t want the dick to pound against little baby retirement plan’s head…WHO KNOWS….

What I do know is that I don’t have a pregnancy fetish, I find it vile, disgusting, not human even if it is the basis and foundation of humanity….not all moms are unfuckable after the pregnancy, their pussies get sewn back together so not necessarily as easy to fist as you’d want when fucking a mom…but they are still moms, with kids, burdens Irina’s staff will handle..

She was one of the hottest, plastic surgery ridden Russians…making it in America through sex work…high end sex work…and who knows where she will go from here…other than the bank…

Here she is in some Vogue Russia shoot dressed like a dude for you closet cases…

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