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Rat Cow Naked on Vacation for Attention of the Day

People Magazine posted this picture of Em Rat Cow whoring out for attention in what I guess she’d assume is a classy strategic nude…that she knows she has to produce in order to stay relevant because her naked is the only reason she fucking matters…

She can play it off as her art, her dad is an art teacher so she understands the high school level of depth that goes into what she’s doing for attention…because anyone with a fucking brain knows she’s doing it for attention..it gets her paid,, it gets her noticed, it’s her purpose…and art is bullshit across the board, so it’s only natural that RAT COW would be bullshit too..

I am just amazed that this is a story, that actual Tabloid magazines starving for clicks would post about, like it matters…

She’s a girl who goes to a few events because she has a big following, that’s it…she’s in a few movies cuz she fucked David Fincher and Ben Affleck…she’s about as low level as you get and sure she can monetize as brands use her tits to promote nonsense to her audience…and she can deny being a sex worker…and claim her body, her empowerment, her business…don’t follow if you don’t like…or because she blocked me…in an Of course I’ll follow, if you didn’t block me…you post NUDEs and I am a basic human who loves nudes..


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