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Kendall Jenner is Still Not Hot of the Day

Kendall Jenner is such fucking garbage…but you can see her nipples and average at best face….she got from her dad turned momma….while she lip syncs some Marilyn Monroe scenes / songs / in different outfits…in one of the easiest videos to produce ever…

I guess in her defence, not that anyone should ever defend a garbage Kardashian who along with her family is better off dead….with their greed and disgust in their no talent beyond knowing how to sell product to retards…thanks to being born into a family that knows how to sell product to retards….because they are whores…and thus get booked for shit…like she matters…and thinks she matters…because I guess when they world things you matter – you matter.

I like that she’s not fat and dumpy like her sisters, you know she’s got the white genes…probably Bruce’s only child that he birthed through his man pussy – but what do I know…very little that’s the answer…very little…

The fact this is considered art, talent, anything of value just shows you how pathetic the low expectations of the content of the times are…really…step it up…give me something, anything of value to deal with…garbage people.

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