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Kendall Jenner’s Instagram Fashion Shoot of the Day

Kendall Jenner is slutting it up on social media, but not with selfies of her asshole like you’d expect her family to slut up on social media but rather with some fashionable toplessness because Kendall Jenner is a lady, a very rich lady and a TV star turned Model, turned Instagram star that pushes product because people are obsessed with her….all while being not that cute, but marketing, goes a long away – and I am just happy she’s not 300 pounds, because when a rich girl who got a career handed to her thanks to her shitty family, becomes a “model”…it is important to me that she’s skinny like a model should be – because at least she’s trying, where as if she was just a fat slob, it’d be the ultimate fuck you…instead of the “I’ll just take these opportunities that are handed to me”…something you can’t really get mad about, but you can write letters to brands in protest about, but no one will ever do that…you lazy fucks…that’s why these people keep getting rich…

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