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Rumer Willis New Face Shows Off Body for her Sobriety of the Day

I guess the rumor is the Rumer Willis has been sober for the last 6 months and deserves a metal for her not drinking or doing drugs for the last 6 months, but found a new vice in the form of FACE injections and I would imagine Prescription pills…because booze is bad, but let me get my hands on that AMBIEN and XANAX…unless she quit that too, which is not that impressive…

The only thing I enjoy about this is knowing that despite her being sober, dudes who fuck her still need to be drunk…cuz she’s just that kind of hot…IRONY…or is it? I never know what is ironic..

But then again there are perverts anywhere, who can fuck anything, I’m just saying the only way to fuck this thing is from behind at 4 am….


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