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Rumer Willis Tits Out for Her Birthday of the Day

Rumer Willis Tits Out Naked for her Birthday

Rumer Willis the potato head who took her mom’s lead and got plastic surgery to be a little less Willis and a little more Demi post-surgery….is celebrating her birthday and like all birthday girls she’s got herself out in her birthday suit…like these whores need an excuse to be cock-teasing naked….they do that shit on a Tuesday or really any day…cuz that’s the way the world works….

These Willis girls are always naked which I assume has something to do with how they were raised rich in the wild. Maybe Bruce demanded they were naked all the time…maybe that’s family rules and why they all get naked all the time…but I can assume just being Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ kid makes them fucked up weirdos by default and the nudity thing is just how they get attention on social media…that isn’t a very big deal…especially when I can’t see gaping asshole….I WANT GAPING CELEBRITY ASSHOLE.

Rumer Willis Tits Out Wet White Shirt and Panties for her Birthday


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Tallulah and Rumer Willis Naked Facetime of the Day

Rumer Willis and Tallulah Willis Topless Facetime

Incest Willis Family, who were forced to live in a cabin in Idaho with Ashton Kutcher, learned at a young age to run around naked and freely and more interestingly sit on each other’s faces, because sisters who eat each other out are just being playful, while brothers who suck each other’s dicks, unless they are identical twins and can spin it as GENETIC masturbation, are weird homos…

They love to share their naked time together on social media, like it’s there claim to fame and what people care about and it’s pretty weird, which is probably what they like about it, weird, makes them think they have substance or whatever these empty people celebrate or think is cool, fun or edgy….

Them posting a screenshot of each other on facetime for attention, is probably a lot like how Bruce felt when he landed Moonlighting, his first TV show….you know like they’ve actually made it and have some kind of impact on the world…

I’m more interested in the sex tape than the foreplay – but that’s just the kind of pervert I am – take me to the money shot.

More of Rumer..if you dare

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Rumer Willis Hard Nipples of the Day

Rumer Willis Hard Nipples Cleavage

I preferred when Rumer Willis was in hiding because she knew she was a potato head who got the worst part of her mom and her dad…

But unfortunately, face injections happened and Rumer Willis was able to climb out of the potato farm and brush the dirt off her shoulders and KHLOE KARDASHIAN herself into some porno looking thing.

The worst of BRUCE AND DEMI, not that we know what the worst of DEMI actually is because she’s had so much plastic surgery, what is left of her is 20 percent DEMI….but I guess we’ve seen it in her kids…

I don’t hate the hipster WILLIS rich kids, I think they are fun and get naked and are an all around good time.

I didn’t even mind RUMER when she was a POTATO….

I’ve always found there to be something erotic about them, long before they turned themselves into porno faced…while the world was pointing and laughing at her and calling her names…I was ready to knock her up and live the good life with her…K-Fed her when no one wanted her…but with tits like this, it’s safe to say people are gonna start wanting her and my dreams of Rumer Willis babies have come crumbling down…sad really..

Rumer Willis Hard Nipples Cleavage

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Rumer Willis Tits of the Day

Rumer Willis Tits in a Black Bra

Rumer has it the Rumer Willis still has her dick…

It’s kind of confusing that in this era of hipster, artist, trust fund weridos who don’t need to work and who have a following because of their parents, allowing them to play the naked or half naked sisters from Idaho mountains, so detached from LA as a whole, even though they are pure fucking LA, the most LA, you’d think she’d be embracing her dick..Gender bending is trendy and do anything you can to get noticed besides for being Bruce and Demi’s failed abortion.

Instead she posts tits, and a newly restructured face, with her hard features shaved down…looking better than ever…tits out…

It’s the magic of the modern face injections, you can really be whatever you want to be, including hot…with the right amount of face injection.

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Tallulah Willis Naked of the Day

Tallulah Willis Naked

Tallulah Willis is a Demi Moore and Bruce Willis daughter who have lived a pretty spoiled and blessed life, because that’s what happens when both your parents are stupid rich from being actors….

She looks a little too Bruce, but at least she’s got tits, tits that her feminist activist who has nothing else to do with her time than create and participate in art like this….art that some photographer is using her to elevate himself and that she embraces because she gets to be on camera…

In the first pic, above – we see her covered in paint, to prove to you that she is in fact an artist, because artists, they do paint…so do Mexican Migrant workers, but not naked, that would get them arrested and sent back to Mexico…

In the second pic – below – Here she is covered in some sort of sperm like substance – that we can assume is not sperm but what her mother’s vagina looks like due to all the sperm trapped inside it….it’s ok because in her old age it acts like lubricant…

Tallulah Willis Covered in Cum in a Black Swimsuit

In the third pic – below – her brother Rumer topless in panties – because it’s important to take a lesson form the Kardashians and make it a family affair..

Tallulah Willis Sister Rumer Topless in White Panties

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Rumer Willis Ass in a Thong of the Day

Rumer Willis ass in a white thong topless

Rumer Willis was a monster but now she’s looking hot…thanks to science…the one thing her mom left her with, a list of plastic surgeons that and a trust fund to spend her days working out and doing this…sitting around in a bikini…

I’ve always been freaked out by Rumer Willis’ weird face that I blame on bad genetics, her parents drug addiction, and a bionic mother who has modified herself to look like a different person…something you’d call scam if you married her and ended up with one of his kids lookin like this….before the work got done but not genetically meant to be….

I support the new Rumer Willis…even if it’s all lies…I think lies, if they look good enough to fuck, are lies I can support, not to mention, I’m not some weird Christian, who believes that lying is wrong….so keep the lie up girl…it’s good.

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Rumer Willis Nipples of the Day

Rumer Willis nipples in a see through shirt

I preferred when Rumer Willis was in hiding because she knew she was a potato head who got the worst part of her mom and her dad…

Her mom, while doing Whip-its out of balloons like she worked at Starbucks or Ben and Jerry’s and hit the Whipped Cream machine, long after she was forced to get reconstructive plastic surgery because she was naturally ugly, but maybe that’s why Rumer Willis looks like this…Whip-Its…

I mean what momma puts in her body can affect baby in womb, remember Flipper babies from Thalidomide….then there were kids all jacked up in the late 70s because their dads were exposed to Agent Orange, thanks Monsanto…but who knows..

Once an addict, always an addict…who tries to chase the natural aging process by fucking young actors, but who is still just a monster…and not just because some dude drowned in her pool when she was conveniently on her way to the airport, a case she just settled in court a few weeks ago…

But this is her daughter, who has some level of confidence for whatever reason and here she is – nipples out..

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