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Rumer Willis Shows Off Her Disgusting Panties of the Day

As far as I’m concerned, Rumer Willis is so horrible looking that she’s not fucking human. I figure since Demi Moore is the fucking devil, it only makes sense that her kid would look like some kind of demon, and in being a demon, I try to pretend she doesn’t have genitals, and the good news in these pictures is that she’s got whatever fucking mutated pussy she’s got covered the fuck up in panties because based on how her face turned out, I’d hate to see what kind of genitals her bad genes mustered the fuck up…..but I know it’s bad enough for me to want nothing to do with it and that’s a pretty serious bad pussy because I’ve caught myself daydreaming of sticking my dick in some pretty fucking vile shit and I’ve even accidentally got hard when watching an old lady who slipped on ice trying to get up with her cane cuz she was flashing panty, pretty much further making my point that Rumer Willis is a monster and by default so is her fleshy wound she calls her lady parts….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Rumer Willis and Jessica Lowndes Lesbian Kiss of the Day

This is disturbing, not because I think girl on girl action on primetime TV designed for teenage girls is a bad thing, but because I don’t think Rumer Willis is a fucking monster and when anyone kisses her, even if that person is paid and Rumer is only cast because of who her parents are, but I do think if she has any hope for companionship, she should take the lesbian route because lesbians seem to care less about what people are wearing and less about what people look like and everything I’ve ever seen in regards to lesbians has proven thatgirls aren’t as superficial as men making lesbianism a place for all the fucking rejects to find love. Seriously, if I had a real pussy, I’d get all the low quality lesbian pussy. See I just took this negative screenshot and turned it into a positive message of hope for the reject girls reading this. I’m like a prophet. I should start my own church.

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Rumer Willis and Her Disgusting See Thru Shirt of the Day

Rumer Willis is the thing that made Demi Moore look into herself and realize she needs seriously extensive plastic surgery, because if her womb can produce this thing that represents every possible thing that could be wrong on a person, other than being fat. It’s like every single one of her features was exposed to radiation, or was deprived of nutrients and oxygen in the womb, because mommy was doing heavy drugs, or cuz daddy’s sperm was half retarded from doing heavy drugs, and the whole thing brings one question to mind and that question is whether she is really human or not, or if I’m just lookin’ at a caricature you get done on the boardwalk that’s come to life in some kind of Voodoo shit that Demi and Bruce are stuck claiming as their own, cuz they sold their souls to the devil for fame and fortune in exchange for this….I just don’t really understand how this is a human, or how this gets laid, or how Demi didn’t drive it out to a field somewhere on the way home from the hospital to burry like it never happened, but I know Demi knows that it is no Rumor that Rumer’s a monster….but as a vain bitch, I guess she probably knows how to pretend she’s not seeing what everyone else is seeing cuz it came out of her….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Rumer Willis has No Bra On and it is Disgusting of the Day

Everyone hates on Rumer Willis wondering why the hell she looks like something that could only grow up next to a power plant or something, you know someone who developed in the womb feeding off radiation and whatever remnants of drugs, alcohol in Demi’s mutated uterus, but the truth is she looks just like her wonky-faced mother, before the millions of dollars of plastic surgery and I guess that’s part of the reason why Ashton Kutcher fucks her, you know to get with an ugly, younger version of his wife while giving her the confidence she needs to not kill herself, because if Ashton fucks her, that probably means other guys will too and tons of girls would die to fuck Ashton since they find him hot, kind of thing, so in a lot of ways, his pity sex saved her fuckin’ life while fueling his perversions, even though she’d be much more successful as a lesbian because lesbians are less judgemental and like pussy for the person behind the pussy and that is why lesbians are for the most part fat, manly and disgusting.

Either way, here’s Rumer Willis pumping gas in what looks like a shirt without a bra because I guess she’s finally come to terms with the inevitable, and that’s to dyke the fuck out.

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Willis Sister Exclusive of the Day

I think the Willis family are pretty fucking rancid girls. I am talking wrongfully labeled People’s Most Beautiful because their mom paid off the magazine to put them on the list and was trying to cover-up the lies that she’s been feeding them their entire life when they come to her crying that a boy turned them down because they look like monsters.

Now every time Rumer comes crying on her mother’s doorstep, interrupting Ashton Kutcher’s MILF Fantasy where Demi teaches him how to tie his shoe while fucking his face, she can bust out the magazine and say “what do guys know, People Magazine said your beautiful”, tricking her into believing it and shutting her the fuck up so Rumer can goes back to her life with her delusion, far from Demi, because every time Demi looks at Rumer, she has to be reminded of how she wronged the world and how God wronged her, so it’s better to keep shit out of sight, for pretty much all of us,

Sometimes delusion is better than the truth since the truth in this case would lead any normal person to jump off a fucking bridge to say goodbye to this cruel world and leave their broken up face in a ravine/river where it belongs….

I don’t know what the fuck Demi Moore did wrong in a past life, or what the silicone implants and botched plastic surgery/ drug use did to her uterus but I think it’s just bad genes, because when she was younger she was a fuckin’ disgusting troll of a woman too, but she was smart enough to invest in herself and trick the world into thinking she was worth fucking, and by world I mean Ashton Kutcher, her tool to make her feel young.

Either way, I got this email about the Willis sisters and since I am lazy today, I figured I’d put it out there, because I hate them, and apparently so do other people.

i wish rumer was doing something other than being ugly in these pics.  do what you wish with them. they might not end up being of any use to you.

rumer is a major cunt though. i met her and wanted to choke her all night. the way she treated the staff there was insane.  she barked orders at them like they were idiots. bitch doesn’t even know how to say thank you.

When you’re that ugly, you’re allowed to hate the world. Here are those pics.

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Rumer Willis Has Orange Hair of the Day

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted yet, don’t worry, it’s not because I am Jewish and celebrating whatever the high holiday is today, it is because I am lazy and like to take everybody’s holidays because I feel like I deserve them. I do sound Jewish cuz of my gay immigrant twang from learning english from a raging homosexual and nasal problems, but maybe I am just making excuses for that nose job I’ve always wanted…..

A nose job, is the least important surgery on the general public’s list of demands to Rumer Willis’ family before unleashing her to the public. A list that has gone ignored the last few years, but I guess dying her hair like the Great Pumpkin is Rumer Willis trying to make herself look prettier or more like the witch she looks like, by doing something wild and sexy with her hair, unfortunately, it’s like giving the broken down Chevy with no tires in your backyard a new paint job with some old cans of spray paint you’ve got in your backshed because you’re drunk and think it will be funny, only to realize shit’s still just a broken down Chevy with no tires that you might as well douse in gasoline and set ablaze like you were the bank robber trying to get rid of the evidence you wish you were, while playing role playing games with your wife, because she has a thing for bandits…

I don’t know what I am talking about or if I got the point I wanted to get across, but what I am trying to say is that the only way this bitch will ever be hot is if her mother decides to fire her mid-season and re-cast some slut from the local brothel, like they did with Becky on Roseanne back when I had a TV….Maybe that’s a dated reference for those o you who have had TV the last decade but shit’s still fresh to me.

Either way, here are the pics and good morning to each and everyone one of you….and by each and everyone of you, I mean you.

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Rumer Willis is in a Movie of the Day

I don’t like that Rumer Willis is making sex faces at me. It reminds me of all those times I’ve been forced to have sex with disgusting girls because they were just too into getting fucked and I had no capacity to say no.

Rumer Willis is one ugly girl. I don’t care how blue she makes her eyes, shit won’t distract me from the fact that Demi Moore was on hard drugs while she was pregnant and has invested a lot of money in paying off People Magazine to name her top 100 Beautiful People and producers to cast her in their shitty straight to DVD movies about an ex-playmate becoming a sorority girl……

I guess what it comes down to is how much she’s paying this Luke Perry Mother Fucker to put his arm around her, I figure he’s either a co-star in the movie or someone who is willing to put their dignity aside for a little exposure, but either way the thought of anyone fuckin’ her kinda confuses me and makes for something I’d definitely watch, because I’ve done worse, but definitely wouldn’t enjoy watching. It’d be like a 2 Girls 1 Cup situation, but less sexy.

On a side note, Ashton Kutcher still has mommy issues and an old lady fetish and is still having sex with Demi Moore because he can’t figure out how to escape her controlling weathered hand and plastic surgeried grasp…..and he is supporting his stepdaughter by going to her event because I guess they are proud that she hasn’t killed herself yet, something they’ve all been expecting her to do since the first time she saw a mirror. I like to support my stepdaughter differnently, like by walking in on her when she takes a shower to tell her she has hot tits I want to suck to boost her self-esteem.


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Rumer Willis Shows Off Her Tits of the Day

I don’t know what went wrong in Demi Moore’s womb, like maybe she’s got really bad genes or maybe her and Bruce Willis didn’t know they were pregnant for a few months of this bitch’s development and were railing experimental drugs that only celebrities get, or maybe she actually got raped and impregnated by an Alien abduction becuase there’s no evidence saying that’s totally impossible, and if you ask me this is kinda proof that it could happen and that the government slipped up in trying to slide this shit under the carpet so the general public doesn’t freak out, but I do know that she’s fucking ugly.

I don’t know how someone could go through life looking like this, it’s one of those situations where you’d never want to leave the house if this was you, but since she’s a rich kid and probably spoiled to shit, she just doesn’t realize that she’s fucking offensive to look at.

She probably thinks she’s some kind of gift to the world and on the same level as all the other celebrity kids, and looks down at all the commoner and pretty much spits in our face by wearing lowcut dresses like she’s got the right to leave her house and show off her barely there tits, but since I’ve decided to look at the brighter side of life, and not the demons that are her face, I guess she did us a favor by given us something less abusive to look at when she makes an appearance, maybe next time she’ll really pull through and throw a mask on while men jerk off on her naked bodies, because girls this ugly are really on acceptable in fetish porn, cuz hot chicks are too uptight to get experimental. Bitches.

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The O.P. Campaign Casts Trash of the Day

Here’s some ghetto ad campaign for a ghetto bathing suit line that sells at Wal Mart and it’s starring a whole lot of useless people, like Rumer WIllis, Josie Maran, Kristin Cavallari, Christina Milian and some other assholes. They probably would have been better off hiring a whole group of no names who were actually worth lookin’ at in bikinis, not a group of ugly bitches and has-beens, but I guess there’s a reason why I am not a corporate marketing executive and instead spend my days on my couch.

I guess it’s nice to see Rumer Willis is still capable of smiling despite how fucking ugly her face is. I guess she’s got enough positive attention over the years that she doesn’t realize just how broken down she is. Maybe she’s just overjoyed at the fact that she landed some work or that someone actually asked her to get half naked and she’s up on this for free just for the chance to show the world that she’s good enough to fuck from behind. That’s assuming the company actually paid her, which I highly fuckin’ doubt and would make sense considering Wal Mart brands don’t have much budget. It’s like her big break because the last time anyone asked her to take off her clothes was her doctor and he was just checking to see if she had all her lady parts because her jaw threw him off and I guess there was that time that a kid in her class tried to fuck her in hopes of selling the sex tape to her parents to prevent public embarrassment when the world saw her penis shaped clit.

It doesn’t matter, what does matter is that Ashlee Simpson’s wife didn’t feel up to getting out in a bikini, I guess the whole marriage thing has lead her to let herself go a little.

Either way, here are the pictures of the stupid campaign.

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I am – Hey Rumer Willis, Lookin Good Sweetheart of the Day


Rumer WIllis is fucking disgusting looking and even more disgusting looking now that she’s got her pants off. Despite having rich and famous parents, I still wouldn’t notice her, even if we were the only two people sitting in the plastic surgeon’s waiting room. I only like to hang outside plastic surgeon’s offices to meet strippers and to tell them encouraging words of wisdom like to go big or go home, but what I am trying to get at is that she’s got so little sex appeal, that she would just kinda blend into the wall and my brain wouldn’t pick her up.

That said, I am sure when Demi Moore had her she tried to get the doctor to push her back into the room, like convinced that she hadn’t finished developing and needed more time, like when you back muffins for your mom and shit’s raw on the inside….but when the doctor didn’t go through with it she was forced to raise her as her own, always resenting her for being so ugly while throwing up on her everytime she breast fed, because never in her life did she think she’d ever let anything this gross that close to her tits, unless he was of course a movie producer, offering her her first job.,…

I guess it’s kinda mean to make fun of someone’s birth defect, even when that birth defect is them. I should try to work on being nicer but with all this anger inside me, I don’t know if I can….

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