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US Women’s National Hockey Naked of the Day

US Women’s National Hockey Team got naked for ESPN….

Reminding us all that Female Hockey players aren’t really anything I’d jerk off to, not in uniform and not really in naked form, but they are still fit, strong legged, have muscular round asses, and could probably put your dick through a real beating…

I am Canadian, so by default I have fucked a women’s hockey player at least once, and she was no longer on the team, more into getting wasted…BUT…she did have muscle memory in her ass…and legs..and she did ride my face with the determination of an Athlete, HOWEVER…when she told me she let the whole hockey team cum inside her one party….I felt…like I could taste that medley of “now in the NHL getting paid”…keep in mind this is CANADA….and I never went back to that Hockey female ass….

These girls are thick…power….not my thing…nudity is my thing and nudity overpowers all.

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