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Activist Mom of the Day

I like seeing moms angry that the media is addressing real life issues that porn being available to all at the age of 4 thanks to the internet….freaking out because magazines for teens…who are statistically sexually active…write content about how to do it safely, and better…you know so you don’t get caught by your psycho mom…who is trying to pretend that sex doesn’t happen, so that you learn about it in a truck stop one night by your step daddy or some shit…

I think it’s nice knowing that oppressive, sex fearing parents still exist, because some of the sluttiest girls I’ve knows have been a product of the least liberal of parents…you know weirdo religious types…and it’s let to some great times for me…

So keep the activist parents fighting SODOMY in a world that is genderless, and more interestingly, FAIR…just yesteday in the park I heard a kid saying that all the players on his team are equal….like some kind of pussy…not realizing that no one is equal…but maybe that harsh reality will come before he breaks and turns to prescription drugs in 10 years…like the daughter of Activist Mom….who is probably already working on anal to not get pregnant…like EVERY girl I had sex with in High School…in an era before PORN…because humans are perverts and always will be…no matter how hard people pretend they aren’t….

I mean Activist mom by definition takes cum inside her so who is she to fucking complain…I assume she’s just trying to get viral videos going for Youtube money and this is just a variation of stage parenting…famewhoring…an angle…for her audience..

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