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Magdalena Frackowiak Bikini WHoring of the DAy

This is a model named Magdalena Frackowiak who I am guessing is from Russia or some other communist country that is no longer communist but that I pretend is still communist for the sake of comedy…because rationed toilet paper, bread lines, and a love for contraband levis jeans and Michael Jackson…

Which I guess isn’t comedy at all…but I figure when you’re not a funny person and you don’t find things funny…you commentary is not going to be funny…

I will say that she was on VS contract for a while, she may still be, and they were paying her something like 750k….which is fucking nuts since no one really knows who Madga is…even after seeing her tits…or maybe that is why we don’t care about Magda….

Yet for some reason, I am posting her instagram content…like it matters…interesting…but not at all…a lot like my life, the site, etc.

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