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Hailey Baldwin Tan Lines / Bikini Jump / Posing with a New Jersey Plate of the Day

Hailey Baldwin is an aspiring Jenner and Hadid….so she’s on her best behavior anytime they invite her to hang out, hoping they will invite her to hang out again, because having the Hadids and the Jenners let you into their bullshit existence, that is pretty lucrative.

I am all for a vapid cunts existing….when they are rich and monetizing…basically trolling everyone into buying into their nonsense…

I just know there’s some weird social dynamic or hierarchy of using each other, because you know they likely hate each other, but have some weird connection…

And ultimately, it’s pretty weird that I am trying to analyze why Stephen Baldwin, the least important Baldwin’s STD is up to, what her shamelessness mean, what her end goal in trying to get famous, or paid is…maybe she doesn’t want to be a joke like her dad..

Who knows or cares, it’s just must be pretty exciting to have people actually care about you, when your own parents don’t, they are too busy being into themselves…but luckily in their narcissism they taught all these whores just how to be exploited….yet come out on top…you know…make it work for you because this all a bunch of nonsense, so you should try to come out on top…even if this one is Third or fourth wrung on the ladder of important garbage.

Here she is showing some Tan Lines posing with some New Jersey license plates because she’s pretty much some SNOOKI trash, just a scaled down, rich kid version…


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