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Julianne Hough Fish Killer of the Day

Julianne Hough is rocking’ out her Honeymoon, despite being sad she couldn’t marry the best fuck of her life…her brother..and she documented her fishing / possibly KILLING a living creature on her social media for her fans – who are Dancing with the Stars watchers, and thus are trailer trash, since most sophisticated people, don’t watch network TV….and not even really sophisticated people, but people who own computers / tablets and smart phones…the concept of checking into ABC at 8 pm is just fucking gnarly to anyone with a brain…

From my experience, those are the same kind of people super into fishing, it is a common sport, for trash, and seeing a bikini babe pander to them catching fish must drive them nuts…

I figure I cater to the same simple minded retard who still has cable and loves fishing…so here’s some PORN for you bud.

Here’s a butt shot..

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