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Kirsten Dunst in Nylon of the Day

Kirsten Dunst in Nylon is not Kirsten Dunst in NYLONS…you know showing off her old lady skinny girl body with big, what must be saggy as hell tits, because it feels like she’s been around forever…we’ve seen her rise to the top and fall into some haggard crackhead looking mess..only to rise up again because I guess she ran out of money…

In this episode of NYLON magazine, she talks about being on TV again in some show I don’t care about but more interestingly….she said “You can get jobs based on your Instagram following these days. That’s insane. But that’s why I have it now”…

Meaning her instagram is just her clickbait, her way to be relevant, her way to prove her celebrity, because she knows she can’t get work without an Instagram, so now she’s on instagram…strictly for profit…like a garbage opportunist you know all these greedy cunts are….

I checked out her instagram, hardly slutty enough, but she’s got a lot of followers, because she’ Kirsten Dunst…an icon…I guess…but I’m more into her tits on her small frame..

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