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Liz Hurley Bikini Pic of the Day

To stay true to the old ladies in bikini theme of the last post, here’s Elizabeth Hurley, the original sugar daddy opportunist who rode Hugh Grant for a decade as he rose to fame, allowing her to model and act and share her pretty great body to the world…before getting knocked up by various rich guys…

Well, she still looks good, if you’re into old ladies still acting like bikini models, she’s still doing it, if you’re into old ladies trying to sell other old ladies bikinis…which obviously…you are…since it gets her in a bikini….

Weird times, but doesn’t it make you wish instagram was around 25 years ago so that you’d have all these hot nudes and half nudes of your granny…the one you used to bathe with…you know to jerk off to? RIGHT…

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