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Selena Gomez Sexy of the Day

Selena Gomez is In Style magazine….thrown in the pool and not drowned like the little demon that she is…so she can continue her manipulation of the media…forcing the world into thinking she’s important or relevant…because that’s what she’s been doing her entire life, she’s so trained at this shit, from the guys she dates, to the friends she hangs with, to her “rehab stints”, to her pushing her dying of LUPUS…she just doesn’t fucking stop..

I don’t really know or care what phase in her figuring out her identity, her angle, her hustle is…I just know that she fucks big black Canadian cock, she lets Canadian feminist trash film her music videos, and whatever it is she’s into…it’s money grubbing….because she’s a money grubber…getting paid…all chipmunk faced and annoying…

She’s boring…

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