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Rumer Willis in a Bikini of the Day

Rumer Willis terrible tan line sun burn

Rumer Willis in a bikini …and I guess naked showing off her neopolitan body…is like seeing a giant potato in a bikini..the rumor is that she’s as mutant, maybe a product of inbreeding or some experiment that Demi Moore was paid to participate in…or maybe an alien abduction…who knows…but she’s bunk as fuck, busted as fuck…

But at least she works out and gets lots of plastic surgery to offset the disaster she once was…because all it takes is face injection to rebrand, rebuilt, and fit in like you never had…coupled with a hot enough body because hot bodies take work and are far more important than face..when you are fucking their asses from behind the way they like it because they are broken rich girls in the porn generation and anal is the only way they feel…..you know…because of the prostate…

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