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Anne V Hot for Elle Russia of the Day

The worst thing about ANNE V. is that she has had sex with Adam Levine, more than once.

It’s not like it was an “oops, I am at a party drunk, and this midget rockstar wants a piece of me, and I’m new to this industry, I might as well just do it up, because I am a girl and that’s what vaginas are for”….

It was a more of a “I want a famous husband to knock me up and make me legit in the world of modelling”…

When all she had to do was get half naked…which I guess it is something she’s figured out…

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Anne Vyalitsyna GQ Mexico of the Day

Anne V is some Adam Levine fucker, a stain on her vagina that no matter how many years go by since their tragic break-up, will always be there, because there’s just something about Adam Levine that ruins a woman….

She also works for Victoria’s Secret as a half naked model, unfortunately, modeling the wrong half naked….I mean I’d be way more into her shit if she had a cutout in her pants and shirt so I could see vagina and nipple, it’s the half naked modeling of the future.

That said, here she is for GQ Mexico, the motherland, continuing her strategic nudity, lookin good while doing it.

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Anne Vyalitsyna Nipples for Numero #137 of the Day

Anne Vyalitsyna is also marketed as Anne V. probably best known for being in SI Swinsuit since 2005 and a few Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows….or maybe the highlight of her model career, you know that stamp of approval that her Russian communist ass finally made it was when she started dating Adam Levine from Maroon 5, the band that produces some of the most irritating music in the history of commercial radio play that makes me want to rip out my fucking eyes and shove them violently in my ears, hoping to never face a world that allows shit like him to happen…..but maybe I’m a little too worked up about this nonsense, when I should just be looking at his hot model ex girlfriend’s nipples in a fashion shoot for Numero….true frucking story.

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Anne Vyalitsyna Naked for Tush of the Day

Anne Vyalitsyna is some Russian, 24 years old pussy that didn’t need to use the sex trade to escape the iron curtain, but instead used her fashion modeling, not that she really had to escape any communist rule, I’m pretty sure she was born after the fall of communism, so bitch never had to wait in line for rationed tampons, making her a lot less fun that the bitches you can show pictures of war torn communities to, in order to make them respect your shitty apartment, when their high maintenance ass tries to escape you, cuz they don’t respect that you bought them, because they expected the Hollywood American dream and not the real American Dream…

That said, she’s naked in some magazine called Tush. You can see nipple or pussy lip, but it’s good enough for a Friday when no one is reading…not that they ever do.

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