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Cindy Crawford’s Cleavage in French Revue de Modes #20 of the Day

I love my titties with Giant font on them…..

Cindy Crawford has more than just great hai…she’s got a great fucking body…and there was a 30 second window where I was accidentally next to her a few years back…she smiled at me and I fucking realized why models are models and regular chicks are regular chicks….it’s got something to do with models…even in their 50s looking fucking amazing….on a whole other level of amazing…so whenever I see her tits in magazines…even non nude…I feel obligated to at least try to jerk off to the shit like old times cuz she’s still got it going on….

I don’t know what this french revue shit is, sounds to pretentious to me…but I do know what cleavage is…and that shit is always good for me…

Here’s the videos….

Here’s the picture….

Sharon Stone was also in the mag..I guess they are doing a “Oldtimers you used to jerk off to and occassionally try to jerk off to still” feature……not worthy of its own post…

If this post bored you…here is Cindy Crawford in 1993 doing some kind of exercise…..for 15 minutes…

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Cindy Crawford Does the Beach of the Day

The good thing about Google is that when you see pictures of Cindy Crawford in a 3 piece bikini you’d expect her to be in, you know one of those middle aged fat chick bikinis that is built like a fucking bed sheet when the paparazzi is looking as to not humiliate herself because she isn’t the model she once was, you, the viewer can use it to find the pictures of her half naked making millions for her amazing body…I’ve seen her in person and even pushing 50, she’s spectacular…but her bikini pictures are a fucking serious fail….these could have been way more mom pussy on all fours with a sloppy belly hanging over her bottoms if only she knew what the public and the girls from her high school who hate her want…

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Shitty Cindy Crawford Beach Pics of the Day

I don’t know if I love Cindy Crawford because she was the top model when I was at the age of discovering how good top models are to jerk off to….or if it is because I feel like we are connected at the soul…as I happened to be walking by her hotel once a few years ago…and she got out of a car….and looked me in the eyes and smile….me being the drunk, didn’t realize who it was, until later that day when my weird friend told me…it was a glorious moment I am sure she has absolutely no memory of…because that’s just the kind of guy I am…unmemorable to a bitch who has everything and who comes across countless people daily….but something I will cherish…because I know for that second we were together…I thought about fucking her ass so hard…there’s no way she didn’t feel it….even if she forgot about it….

What I’m trying to say is here she is happily married on the beach in mexico disappointing by not being in her bikini….


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Hot Old School Models In Underwear for Duran Duran’s New Video of the Day

Girl Panic is some new Duran Duran song..sure, I don’t give a fuck about Duran Duran or their new song…they are old, tired and borin….but they cast a set of models to be in the shit…who happen to be old, tired and boring models but models willing to get half naked regardless of age….cuz models are easy like that…all they really need is a dude with some celebrity or huge money offering to pay them to participate…especially now that the work they get is few and far between…

…So old Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, Eva Herzigova and Cindy Crawford got half naked for the shit and I watched…and you can to….

To See the VIDEO

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Cindy Crawford’s Old Retired Model Legs at Some HBO Event of the Day

I’ll always be down for some Cindy Crawford. She’s just the kind of early 90s iconic pussy that ages pretty fucking amazing and after accidentally being pushed by her huge body guard outside her hotel I coincidentally was walking by a few years ago, her looking down at my from her 6 foot 6 perch, giving me a smile that made me want to climb her towering legs almost and build a fucking tree house in her pussy like I was the Swiss Family Robinsons. Moving in and never leaving due to warmth, comfort and the kind of agoraphobia every dude in the world can probably relate to. She’s amazing well into her 40s and I just hope I live long enough to senior citizen rape her at the old folks home we both live at…cuz I expect her to burn through her model and divorce money by then…in a “not too good for me now” funny how things work out redemption that will never happen, but feels good to talk about… FOLLOW ME

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Cindy Crawford and Niki Taylor for FutureClaw of the Day

I’ve never heard of this magazine FutureClaw, but have decided they are my new best friend, not because they wished me a happy birthday or invited me to their fashion parties, but because they recruited old retired model and got them posing like it was 1992, a year I was a much simpler person, less desensitized and able to get an erection in the stripclub…an era before the internet, throatfucking porn, 2 girls 1 cup and all the other celebrity sex tape bullshit I’ve been exposed to, and I guess Cindy Crawford reminds me of that simpler time…when jerking off to a pic of a girl in a bra was ok…

I also saw her in person recently, and she’s fucking amazing…all tall and totally gave me sex eyes as her security pushed me out of the way so she could get in her hotel room.

I figure having a best friend at a fashion magazine is one step closer to getting that private jet I’ve always wanted, but more importantly, maybe they’ll invite me on site when they get a little more fashion in their shoots by showing model tit…

Either way, pantsless Cindy Crawford is a winner…Enjoy…

Here’s Niki Taylor – A lot less sexy – But Still a Retired Model from the 90s making a comeback for old times…I figure I might as well give her some airtime so she doesn’t develop an eating disorder and try to kill herself at the Botox clinic…

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Cindy Crawford Dusts Off Her Old Vagina for Vogue India of the Day

Last time and only time I saw Cindy Crawford in person was when she was getting out of her Escalade with her team of security as I happened to coincidentally be walking by her hotel….which is weird for me…cuz if I had known bitch was in town, I would have stepped up my stalker game and I probably wouldn’t have had the chance to make eye contact with her because I’m sloppy and the police would have probably restrained me at her in store appearance she was doing…cuz they generally don’t like drunk, fat, naked guys with small dicks humping the store window with “be my valentine” written on their chest in blood while crying…they keep us away from the “talent”, as well as small children and animals…I know it’s discrimination, but what can you do.

This was two years ago, she was promoting some furniture, I was drunk, she smiled at me as she peered down from her 6 foot tall vantage point, and I got a little hard, cuz bitch is fucking hot, even in her 40s.

So I’m happy to see her in these Vogue India pictures, playing her supermodel tits, dustin’ off her vagina, cuz really as much as I can’t stand older pussy, especially with kids, it’s not a deal breaker, cuz I a perver and I am unable to ignore it if it’s hot….but then again, maybe I’m just being nice to Cindy Crawford cuz she flirted with me…I know what that expression of disgust in her face was, it was lust.

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Ex-Supermodel and Current Mothers Showing Off 20 Years Later of the Day

Just because they get naked to shower off their kids’ puke and to have their weekly scheduled sex with their husbands and not to grace the covers of highend fashion magazines, doesn’t mean we have to give up on these sluts we all grew up jerking off to. They were the first wave of supermodels in my life.

I remember 1989 jerking off to Elle Macpherson in Sports Illustrated swimsuit. I remember jerking off to Cindy Crawford when she did Playboy in 1988 and I remember just thinking Claudia Schiffer was hot back before the David Copperfield days.

They probably weren’t innovators, their work probably insignificant, no better than being the bitch on a game show turning letters, or the bitches who work at conventions or conferences promoting products, but they probably think their impact was significant, because otherwise they’d just go out and kill themselves, but instead they are here showing off that genetics played a huge part in getting where they got, since they look fucking amazing and even 20 years later I’d jerk off to them if my dick had the same fate as their looks and didn’t break along the way.

Cindy Crawford and Her Mom Legs

Elle Macpherson Slutty Mom Legs in a Leather Skirt

BONUS – Possible Claudia Schiffer See Thru Dress Pics

Pics via INF
Pics via Fame
Pics via Bauer

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Some More Cindy Crawford Bikini Pictures of the Day

Have I ever told you about the time I had sex with Cindy Crawford? Well it wasn’t exactly sex. I just happened to be on the sidewalk near the hotel she was staying at when she pulled up in some massive SUV and got out with 4 or 5 security guards. I had no idea who this tall, well dressed, hot 40 year old was, but the homeless dude next to me freaked the fuck out and was like “that’s Cindy Crawford” making me think that before he was homeless and didn’t care about anything, he may have cared about her.

She made enough eye contact with me for me to pretend that she was inviting me up to her hotel room so that I could crawl up her thigh like it was some kind of jungle gym, because she’s fuckin’ tall and when next to her I felt like some kind of Pigmy circus freak who went up to her nipple, making me think she was a little too much woman to be a woman, but remembered that it was Cindy Crawford, mainly because I have a short attention span and I was drunk.

Unfortunately, I think she was only making eye contact with me to take a mental photograph in the event she happened to bump into me again so she’d know I was a fuckin’ stalker or some shit, but all I really wanted was for her to throw a couple bucks my way, but she didn’t.


Here she is in a bikini.

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Cindy Crawford in Some Shitty Bikini Pictures of the Day

Here are a couple pictures of Cindy Crawford cockteasin’ us with her hot ex-model, very fit 40-something year old body in a bikini, unfortunately, my wife wasn’t cut from the same cloth, she was cut from the bootleg stretched out cloth, because if she was my life would be on a fuckin’ boat fuckin and not sitting here rolling a cigarette out of butts I picked up off the fuckin’ street earlier today, even though I quit smoking 2 years ago, I like to bring it back to ensure the damage I did to do myself doesn’t go to waste, because self-destructing is a full time job….

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Cindy Crawford Does a Bikini Photoshoot of the Day

Cindy Crawford is 43 years old. She did a bikini photoshoot. I have seen her in person. Recently, when she was promoting some furniture shit here at some discount store and I tried to get her to sign my penis, only to be escorted out of the store before actually meeting her because security caught onto my plan, mainly because I tipped them off in my excited state, litterally, but shit, she looks fuckin’ good.

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Cindy Crawford Lathered Up for Allure of the Day

I hung out with Cindy Crawford once, you know in the 90s when she was at the top of her game and I was one of the biggest fashion photographers in the industry, we had a little falling out when I told her to spread that pussy wider, when she was trying to be wholesome and all American and totally against spread eagle pussy shots and she got me kicked out of the industry because she’s just that powerful and my life has been on a downward spiral ever since.

Sure, that story was a total lie, but what difference does it make, it’s the fucking internet, I did see Cindy Crawford a few months ago when she was promoting some shitty furniture line at some discount furniture store, and she was pretty fucking amazing looking, the kind of girl who I should have run up to with my point and shoot camera and ask to spread that pussy wider, only to get escorted out by security, but I didn’t.

I did go to some weird strip club this weekened, where some slow, older stripper in costume got naked and soaped herself on stage, seems a little ambitious for a whore who makes her money when she charges people to grab her tits, but I guess I appreciated the effort.

Here are those allure pics, they hit the internet yesterday, I was napping….

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Cindy Crawford’s Topless on the Yacht of the Day

Here are some more pictures of Cindy Crawford on some Yacht with George Clooney and her husband and like most people on Yachts in Europe do, she decided to take off her top and tan them titties. I really don’t find there to be anything offensive with seeing this mother of 2 topless, when normally I am thrown off at how a body is destroyed by childbirth everytime I accidently see a mom nude, but the odd time, a girl like Cindy Crawford defies nature and gets her shit back to what it was, leaving her someone worth jerking off to. She’s in her 40s and hotter than 20 year olds I have had, and that’s something that is worth celebrating because now we know it’s possible to retain your sex appeal in the “afterlife”, but also worth crying over because none of our wives look this good. She’s such a bitch for rubbin’ it in by takin’ off her top, but it turns out that I like these kinds of bitches and feel like I need more of them in my life.

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Cindy Crawford Was in Montreal of the Day

I had no idea that Cindy Crawford was in Montreal promoting the opening of some furniture because I tend to not stay on top of events that take place at Furniture Stores and try to focus my social calendar around places girls get naked and not where girls talk about decorating rooms and revamping their houses. The only reason I know that Cindy Crawford was in Montreal this past weekend, is because I accidentally had sex with her, and by sex I mean I was crossing the street when this black SUV almost ran me the fuck over around midnight, they stopped to go into some bar or hotel or some massage parlor or whatever the fuck it was and this tall chick in a red dress got out with 4 dudes who must have been her security. I was with a friend and he told me that it was Cindy Crawford so I screamed “Cindy, I used to jerk off to your playboy pics before my dick stopped working”, she ignored me and kept walking but I know she thought about it later that night while masturbating, I just have that affect on women.

Here are the pictures of her at the furniture store, a highlight in her fading career but not as much of a highlight in my fading career as screaming that to her. It is times like that that I wish I had a camera, but I’m too poor.

If you find these pictures or my Story Boring, You Can Always Watch This Clip of Cindy Crawford Taking her Panties Off on Leno

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I am – Cindy Crawford’s 1989 Bloomingdale’s Catalog of the Day


Every girl seems to want to be a model. I always meet girls who are aspiring models. It seems like it’s the thing to do or at least the dream job for a chick because it assures them that they are good looking. Every fucking day I come across a girl’s posed pictures on the internet and I know she’s just wishing she’ll be walking the runway and traveling the world while fucking dudes in bands or actors, living in Penthouse apartments and making huge money for having pictures taken of them.

I know that out of all the girls I meet who are aspiring models, pretty much none of them are really going to make it, because to be scouted by the right dude and thrown into the right jobs is almost like winning the lottery, but I always encourage them to come over to take some erotic pictures in my shitty apartment when my wife’s grocery shopping because I know that means I have about 6 hours of freedom because my wife loves food, but that’s just because I prey on girls who want to be famous.

Either way, the ongoing joke I have with these young girls is to start off small, like doing the Wal Mart flyer or the Sears catalog, because shit pays well and is better than working at the grocery store scanning my wife’s canned goods….But for some reason these aspiring models have egos and think they are too hot for that shit before even getting started, they don’t realize they need to eat the shit a bit to get to the top and that they aren’t above or too pretty for anything at this point in their career and that’s why I figure that you’ve gotta start somewhere and it might as well be in my bathtub.

So here’s Cindy Crawford in 1989, in a Bloomingdales Catalog modeling lingerie before she became a supermodel, because everyone’s gotta start somewhere. Who knows where her life would be now if she didn’t make that move, so aspiring models….my bathtub is ready and waiting but you may not want to touch it too much, you may catch something.

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