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Nicki Minaj Tells Disabled Person to Walk of the DAy

Apparently, this is a video of Nicki Minaj….telling a dude in a wheelchair to walk…or from my extensive watching 10 seconds of it…it seems like her maniacal, because she’s an evil egotistical cunt with a god Complex thanks to having so much success despite being a hack, a fake, a lie…she was found in acting school…they scripted this career, this character, and I guess she’s all caught up in it…pretending her magic wand, no not the penis of the men who let her sing on their albums…or the hitachi that gives all girls orgasms…but the wand that is part of her shit yet busty costume…is some kind of spell casting wand that can make crippled people walk…which I guess isn’t Politically correct, unless you’re a snake oil sales man traveling from town to town with an evangelical church…who actually charges people money to mock their illnesses, but pretending to cure them in their state of desperation…while Nicki Minaj is just making bad comedy, maybe even annoying comedy…that isn’t funny even to someone with no soul who mocks all things…it’s just loud and dumb…as her minions humor her in what you know she thinks is some kind of dynasty she’s on the throne of…and these idiots just humor her to be part of the ride….

But check out those tits…


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Nicki Minaj Interesting Tits of the Day


Nicki Minaj decided to post her clown tits on her instagram…because I guess having a set of really round implants is something she wants to advertise to the world..show them off…brag…make motherfuckers talk about how silly they are…or in some cases how hot they are…depending on how horny the fucker looking at the tits is…or how big of a Nicki Minaj fan he is, because clearly she has fans…she exists…even if she’s the fucking worst…

So as the rest of the world barely looks on confused, because they don’t care about Nicki Minaj, but wonder why she even has implants…based on her fat ass…and her fat everything…because her ass is rumored to be fake…because that makes sense because everything about her is fake…she’s a fucking act that she didn’t even write…they found her at acting school and is just a very committed clown, living up to her character….It’d be academy award winning, because she brings it home with her and she doesn’t even know what is real anymore, because the label created to compete with Lady Gaga and to throw into “hip hop”…to do the Lil Kim…

But her awards are in the form of money….which is better than any Academy Award…because it lets her show her tits..every day and not just on set of a movie..which works for the whore.

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Nicki Minaj Lands an ABC Family Comedy Based on her Life of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 1.16.07 PM

Lock your kids up…Don’t let them watch TV….

I guess the good news is that no one watches TV anymore, because if they did they’d be exposed to ABC’s desperate attempt to win an audience since viewership is down thanks to the internet stirring shit up…as it should….

But the idea of your kids, since I don’t and will never have kids, they are annoying…watching Nicki Minaj and her story of being a middle class new yorker turning herself hood slut because it’s marketable…and comedic…is terrifying, but I guess nothing compared to the throatfucking porn they watch on your browser history…and/or ….any of this gutter slut’s music videos….

Garbage…popculture is garbage…we’re all doomed…the future…is over.

It’d be a good time for Aliens to attack, not just girls who turned themselves into ALien looking motherfuckers with their over the top plastic surgery to market their clown asses…

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Nicki Minaj and her GQ Tease that’s Not a Tease Continues of the Day


I think it is safe to say….Nicki Minaj is garbage…

This shoot, also by Ellen Von Unwerth, see previous post, featured the garbage, fake as fuck, pop star from acting school who was manufactured into this Lil Kim puppet, who get’s paid…and her boyfriend, baby daddy, Drake lover who I guess she roped into bullshit “hip hop beef”…because it’s good for business…and makes the media talk about them…like smoke signals in a “Look at me, I’m over here”…amongst all the noise….enough to get them in a magazine, where Meek leverages the pussy he fucks to more visibility on some K-Fed shit…while the pussy he fucks is just some broken pop star who I am sure is very insecure and fears losing what she’s been given..

The whole thing dumb, sensationalized, over-hyped crap, but a half naked Nicki Minaj is alway a good laugh…it just needs to be less of a fashion shoot and more of a sex tape…I am sure it’ll happen in her lifetime, she is that level deseperate….fake tits, fake ass, instagram garbage with a record deal who shouldn’t exist, but does…


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Nicki Minaj GQ Shoot of the Day

Nicki Minaj is in GQ with her boyfriend / baby daddy / husband / future husband / co star in her publicity stunt VS Drake reminding the world that Hip Hop at their level is just pop music and some WWF front he 90s bullshit feuds no one should care about, but it is so big and has such a massive audience, and people’s lives are so boring, that they buy into it..who fucking knows…

What I do know is that GQ is doing a feature on them, because that’s how being famous and doing media works, magazines always get on board to maximize clicks…

They used Ellen VOn Unwerth, who is one of the better photographers, producing solid erotica for fashion…but when Nicki Minaj is involved nothing is erotic, unless you own the restaurant she’s walking into, unless that restaurant is an all you can eat buffet, in which case you prepare for losses not profit..and that’s convenient because she’s a fucking loser…no matter how rich she’s got with her lies..she is garbage..

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Nicki Minaj’s Unfortunate Not Really a Nipple Slip of the Day

I didn’t care about the Nicki Minaj nipple slip at some Vancouver concert…or as they call it…a wardrobe malfunction…

I hate when people call it a wardrobe malfunction…

I don’t find Nicki Minaj nipple exciting, hot, interesting, or even worth noticing…

There are so many better, less successful sure, but way cooler nipples to look at…

Hell, I would rather look at your nipple than this trash…

No, I will not suck it while you jerk off..that’s gay…

Fine, I wouldn’t rather look at your nipple than her nipple, but I still don’t care about her nipple..

THis isn’t Janet Jackson superbowl half time you know…

This is the porn era, and unless her dude has his baby arm spreading her large anus apart…

This isn’t exciting…she’s dumpy…and a lie…make her go away…thanks..

Here is the best video on the topic..

To see more of the Concert Pics CLICK HERE

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NIcki Minaj Twerking in Meek Mills Face of the Day

Nicki Minaj is some trashy, confused, identity crisis acting student who got cast as the black Lady Gaga, only to transition her into some hood hip hop girl, who was just two years earlier was the black Lady Gaga, in what is the weirdest transitions in recent pop culture years…but not really, it’s all bullshit, over-marketed, garbage…all lies…

That said, this is her ass in Meek Mill’s face, trying to give him street cred in his drake fight, even though there is no street cred in hip hop wars that feature all these vanilla, candy coated, rich kid actors…I want my hip hop wars to involve more death and violence..hood shit.

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Nicki Minaj Creepy Fame Whoring of the Day

A video posted by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on

Nicki Minaj made some sort of attention seeking announcement at her last concert saying something like “Meek Mill is my Baby Father”…which could be her announcing her pregnancy, which justify her body, but wouldn’t explain why it has looked like that for the last 5 years of fame, is she an elephant and is this the gestation period….

More importantly, it doesn’t explain who this Meek Mill character is, and why do Drake and Nicki Minaj feel the need to do all this PR for the guy, who before two weeks ago, barely existed.

My theory is that he either has gay sex videos of Drake, or maybe they are all just BFFs who run train on Nicki Minaj, and one night after sex they all decided to bring him up, because he was feeling sad he couldn’t get as full an erection as drake when they were double penetrating Nicki’s asshole…

Now the real question is, why am I posting about this? Oh right…the below picture…what the fuck kind of barnyard antics is this…


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Nicki Minaj in her See Through Good Morning America Outfit of the Day


Yesterday, I was walking down the street and the girl in front of me was wearing a pair of leggings that I assume she had no idea were totally fucking shredded…

Meaning, like a run in her pantyhose, that shit happened to her whole ass area, in a the pants couldn’t take it anymore, she was fatter than she though, squeezed into a smaller size than she though, and they just fucking exploded … and she had no idea…

I tried to take the pic, to post to instagram, as you do when you see people embarrassing themselves, rather than tell them so they don’t continue walking down a busy street ass out, because I figure it’s part of some comedy act or some shit…and I don’t need t be on Candid Camera or a youtube prank show…

It was sloppy, gross even, but wasn’t nearly as sloppy as this inappropriate, not fit for TV, or ever, fat chick in revealing clothes shit…


I have no idea why that was in caps…my computer has a mind of it’s own…


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Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 7.38.20 PM


Nicki Minaj is some doughy clown of a pop act, that is not hot, interesting, fun or compelling. She’s just the same trying to figure out what the people want puppet, who happens to exist, but who probably shouldn’t exist, it was just good timing…

She’s really just a one hit wonder who has managed to stick around, I guess thanks to social media and showing her tit on stage.

I am more interested in anything that doesn’t involve a girl in fishnet pantyshose looking like she’s vacuum wrapped…and disgusting..







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Nicki Minaj’s Cameltoe for Instagram of the Day


I guess Nicki Minaj, who is recently single…decided to do a Chris Christie..


You know showing the world what happens when you put on pants that are too tight for you because you don’t want to admit that you’re a fat chick because of all that waist training..with a big vagina from being railed by big black cock…that is hungry…so hungry…for pants…


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Nicki Minaj in a See Through Dress of the Day


Nicki Minaj wore a see through dress, that isn’t quite see through, but more see through as a concept, so that it’s “edgy” enough to get people to talk about but not see through enough for me to see her dick.

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Nicki Minaj Whale Tail of the Day



Nicki Minaj showed the world her underwear…which amazed the world because she was wearing underwear…and that goes against everything we ever thought about Nicki Minaj and her ass / vagina…but I guess when built like this…with a career like this…we can assume underwear is much needed as to not stain her pants now that she’ has no control over her bowels thanks to all the numbing ass imaplants…and cock…cock from the execs who made her…

But then again, what do I know…maybe she’s into underwear for the sake of showing underwear so people look at her in amazement because that ass is huge…


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Nicki Minaj Instagram Moment of the Day


I sometimes peruse Instagram….you know to see what is going on in the world, not that I actually care, but I need to get annoyed by the general public, in order to write this site with the utmost critical place…it’s like I need to scan all these idiots, famous people, and famous wannabe people’s social media they work so hard to generate some level of relevance…that for some reason, I reason I call “Tits get hits”…they are mainly slutty pics, just not slutty enough to get deleted…but ass and cleavage slutty…because that’s how you get noticed..and what I am amazed by the whole thing is how many of these plastic faced botox looking girls look like they are either Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian, with their fake ass and titties, like this look is a thing if you’re ethnically ambiguous, you know beige….

I’m not hating on it, but I remember when The Gap was mainstream….girls everywhere in ill fitting Khakis and button downs…Beige on White…perfect for the mall where they’d buy 20 dollar CDs…while now we’re dealing with fat ass, waist training video vixens…in thongs…and it’s just a level of trashy and weird…yet I can still masturbate to it…

To prove my point, because I am a journalist, here are some Nicki Minaj type impersonators I found in 2 minutes of looking on instagram….there are so many of them….it’s just crazy…and the good news is, most of them are better than the real thing…

I call them the Nicki Close Enoughs….

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Nicki Minaj is Really Bad at Instagram of the Day


I try not to spend any time on instagram. I find it fucking boring and I generally don’t give a fuck about the amateur photoshoot any motherfucker sets up in his basement with some random girl willing to show her tits that I happen to follow because I like girls who show their tits….

The whole thing is pretty fucking repetitive, low quality, and like anything, if you over saturate something, it totally devalues it. So what was maybe exciting or different 4 years ago, is now just bullshit noise that sucks…even though people still use it…and some of those people indclude Nicki Minaj…and she’s so bad at at…

Last night, she posted all these pics of herself…I guess she liked her outfit…or maybe she couldn’t decide which one to use…smile or no smile, fuck it I’ll post them all..and I just find the whole thing fucking weird, but then again, this is some girl the record label pulled out of acting school to become Black Gaga, who they decided to turn into Lil Kim…she’s got no real identity…but it’s funny to watch her try, I guess, if you find things that are totally not that interesting funny….which luckily I do.

The flaw in this…not enough ass implant shots..

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