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Nicki Minaj Black Thong Porno of the Day

Nicki Minaj Black Thong Porno

Nicki Minaj, who is a plastic surgery ridden, totally rebuilt from the Black Lady Gaga Clown they originally launched her as…becoming the dominatrix, sexual, perverted Nicki Minaj she is today….where her pop became gutter rap…to have some edge and her body the vehicle for that…looking like a totally different person to the one she was when she first started…which for the record was cast at an acting class…and created by a brand and is a fucking bullshit lie…from the start…Which means whatever variation of that that she is….is also a lie…

She’s also married to a sex offender, and cancelling tours in various cities, cuz no one goes to her concerts anymore.

But she takes a good clickbait selfie for the internet, even though she’s pretty fucking gross…I like her angle.


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Nicki Minaj Cartoon Tits of the Day

Nicki Minaj Cartoon Tits Topless

Nicki Minaj Cartoon Tits is as bad as Adam Levine Memes from the superbowl about his Tattoos and the fact that he’s a fucking clown motherfucker who I have always hated and never understood his fame…until remembering that America is filled with a lot of trash with no taste and that trash is what make people like him exist…the mainstream middle aged moms with no clue, who jack off to Romance novels and like to make Seven Layer Dip and Corn Caseroles…you know the tupperwear toting walmart shopping garbage….well they find him hot and that is why he exists…

Nicki Minaj Cartoon Tits is the equivalent of that shit. Garbage on all levels. A scam of an act. A Joke really…but they exist…and it is our duty to make the best of it…looking at the tits.

Here is the nipple
Nicki Minaj Cartoon TIts Nipples


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Nicki Minaj Gross Diabetic Fat Ass of the Day

I think the general philosophy of the site is that the nice thing about the state of the world being so porned up and porno influenced – is that everyday idiots who you know are sluts in their core because they want attention so bad – get to be the sluts they want to be – without much judgement from their peers because people find it awesome….in another era, they would be hexed and called the spawn of the devil…but no it’s a “at least she’s not taking three huge cocks down her throat to pay her rent”……

So they get to produce their own clickbait being sluts….or in Nicki Minaj’s case…she took an acting student given the chance to be a popstar and channeled some Lil Kim idea of what a black rapper should be….even though she was educated and raised in a good home…and now she’s this fake ass showing pig of a human…instead of being that fat girl with a dream she once was…..

Either way, she’s still fat, disgusting, and probably diabetic and this is her ass doing promo the way you’d expect a whore to do promo…only she’s a popstar…which I guess isn’t much different these days….

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Nick Minaj – Titty Play – of the Day

The nice thing about the state of the world being so porned up and porno influenced – is that everyday idiots who you know are sluts, get to be the sluts they want to be. They get to produce their own clickbait being sluts….in this case grabbing their tits…because it is socially accepted and normal…it’s nothing they feel shame about…clickbait is real and it’s everywhere…and we all support it…

So Nicki Minaj Titty play on mute features her big Kardashian looking tits, which is the direction she has taken her career, especially after rebranding herself with big fake tits and a big fake ass as some sex symbor….instead of just being the fat black clown she started out as when they found her in acting school…

And we get to watch a girl play with her tits in a selfie video, that 10 years ago would have been left in her PHOTOBOOTH folder on her macbook computer…but now…we all get in on

I am just mad that it hasn’t really become full porno on instagram…I still haven’t seen a famous person rub one out like you were her Seeking Arrangements match paying her to rub one out…but it will happen…the next Kardashian Sex tape is probably already in the works being brokered with Zuckerberg that pervert….

Which reminds me…all these killings are so fucking distorted, going after a 97 year old granny cuz you hate Jewish people for whatever reason…while the Kardashians walk freely with their pile of money..and are ACTUALLY out there ruining the world…what the fuck America..am I the only one who thinks some people are worthy of being targeted by homeland psychos…and they all live and work in Hollywood…

Leave the normals just living our shitty lives the fuck alone…and go after the real evil….

Either way, tits from a weird angle…on a celeb…you like that.

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Nicki Minaj Big Black Nipple Slip of the Day

Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip

What is this WorldStar?

Getting all the Hip Hop girls, doing some MediaTakeOut, covering some BOSSIP….

Because the Black crowd, the urban crowd, the Black Twitter is really the market I should be talking to, they are less uptight than you white people, they like to laugh at each other and make fun of each other, and it’s all in good fun.

While white people are like “you made a rape joke, you were mean, you objectified her, you called her a whore or a slut, you’re mean”….

I think it’s time for a rebrand….

Nicki Minaj may be black, but she’s white as fuck and a puppet used to mock black culture to make money for herself – biting Lil Kim…and getting away with it because people are dumb.

The last week or two, she’s been about showing off her nipple, so here’s her nipple, like the stripper she shoulda become if she wasn’t some rich kid from the Bronx with a dream….and more the gutter girl she pretends to be.


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Nicki Minaj is Out in a See Through Outfit of the Day

Nicki Minaj is such a fucking joker, who looks like a fat black joker, but who is just a fucking scam.

She’s out in a see through outfit showing her fat tit and dark nipple, because of course she fucking is.

All I see is thick vile thighs of an overeater rubbing together, in the grossest of ways. I mean look at that underwear she’s got on, it’s fucking huge.

The transition of her being some cast from the fucking Acting Class to be Nicki Minaj, becoming Lil Kim all racy, in efforts to stay relevant…is just proof she’s a fucking scam, shapeshifter of a very large sized shape…tricking the morons watching.

But she’s showing tit, and that’s always worth looking at, at least these whores are giving us something, nipple or whatever in their making of a lot of fucking money.

There was a time when you didn’t see the fat whore on stage’s nipple when she was whoring…so I like to see this as progress…terrible looking, diabetes filled…progress.


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Nicki Minaj Big Fake Ghetto Tits for Wonderland of the Day

Nicki Minaj Big Fake Ghetto TIts and Ass for Wonderland Mag

Nicki Minaj is disgusting…She’s the equivalent of White Privilege but the black version. She came to America, lived a middle class life, went to a middle class school, went to acting school because she loved to perform, created this bullshit character that is Nicki Minaj…and now she’s ripped off Lil Kim for the kids who don’t remember Lil Kim and has been getting away with it for a long time…

From fat, unappealing trash…to whatever the fuck this sexualized, jacked up, face injected, fake tits are….

I don’t get the hype, I mean obviously, she’s making a lot of executives richer than he’s making herself and they push her to do this shit…but the fact she has fans is so strange to me….but not as strange as her bringing her diabetic ass to the fucking magazines for you to jerk off to because you’re into jerking off to gutter pop culture trash…

I mean what is this bullshit…speaking of Bullshit her fight with Cardi B was some WWE style promotional nonsense for both of them…they are all in this scamming together…if Cardi B was as hood of a stripper as she pretends…Nicki Minaj would be shot dead….

None of this matters…

Nicki Minaj Big Fake Ghetto TIts for Wonderland Mag


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Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip on Stage of the Day

Nicki Minaj pulled her tit out on stage of her new show….because Nicki Minaj probably feels the lack of interest in her bullshit scam of a life that she’s got going for her…it’s worked out really well, she’s really rich, and her white girl in a black body dreams of being famous and on stage are no longer in her head, or in her acting school she was in when she got recruited…it actually happened…..

I just find it offensive that she’s putting on an act, or a parody, like a comedy performance mocking Lil Kim and other black rappers before this pop trash decided to fully bite them…even get plastic surgery to look like them…

But I am all for a tit being pulled out, even if it’s a nipple pasty that’s black and hard to determine whether it’s a nipple or a pasty cuz she’s black…despite how white she is behind her fake ghetto speak…

She’s garbage…but tits are tits and we must do our part to stare at them


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Nicki Minaj Big Fake Tits of the Day

Nicki Minaj Big Fake Tits Topless Music Video

You can tell a lot about a woman by the panties you steal from her laundromat dryer

You can also tell a lot about a woman by how much tit she shows off on her social media account in effort to draw attention to herself…

Nicki Minaj is showing off a lot of her fucking tit, and that is because Nicki Minaj is lost in the character that is Nicki Minaj, that was created when she was a fat girl in acting school, and that they morphed into some sexed up hip hop weirdness through various plastic surgeries and dirty talk on rap albums…an angle far different than what she originally set out to do when the white man took her in and made her into Nicki Minaj…



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Nicki Minaj’s Diabetic Ass at the VMA’s of the Day

Nicki Minaj Big Fat Diabetic Ass in Nude Bodysuit VMAs

Nicki Minaj and her fat as fuck ass, that could be a fake ass, because when she was first cast to play Nicki Minaj after her acting school, she was fat, she just managed to shape that fat to look more like a sex doll you’d expect her to be, rather than the walmart shopper on the motorized scooter she was supposed to be…..

It’s an ass that is probably shaped and scuplted to look like this, I mean girl’s not bringing something like this out when it’s all deflated and looking like an ass that size should look…..it, and the rest of her, is injected as fuck.

But the good thing about these injections and Lipo – the quick fixes for vanity is that the organs inside her are still rotting to fucking hell…and with that we know her pancreas is struggling….and eventually her foot will go…and like all Americans she’ll be on a motorized scooter….the way Wall-E predicted it.

Diabetes man…we’ve probably all got it…but this ass screams it.



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