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Nina Dobrev Titty Grab of the Day

Nina Dobrev is a rumored Canadian, but I don’t see how that’s possible, seeing as she’s in AMerica and that is against TRUMP’s way. It’s like leave them in their fucking igloos where they belong, I guess based on his wife, there are exceptions like if they are worth fucking and willing to let you grab them by the pussy.

The important thing about Nina Dobrev is that she’s now dating ORLANDO Bloom, very important…but not as important as the rumor that she has herpes…but that wouldn’t stop you from smearing her onto your face…because when nerdy weridos get excited for a girl…they go for it….they think it is love…or meant to be and herpes is better than not fucking NiNA DOBREV…

That said, all the slophole pussy in hollywood has herpes…so my source is credible – sure – but the info they feed me obvious..and boring…Like NINA Dobrev….


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Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev on Yachts of the Day

Julianne Hough is apparently getting married because she’s basic like that, you know doing the whole rich and famous princess wedding for someone who I will assume is really fucking lame, uninteresting, entitled and bratty…totally something I don’t like from a professional dancer, I like when they are less hollywood and on tv and more broken, in strip clubs, trying to pay the bills for their shitty kids because they don’t live the dream life….they live a fucking nightmare…the way anyone who trains to be a pro dancer should be….

That said, she’s on her bachelorette party with her bff…Canadian herpes owner Nina Dobrev and the whole thing seems fucking lame as you’d expect…just basic women with too much money and celebrity…the worst…but in bikini…so not so bad I guess…


Some videos and shit..

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Nina Dobrev in a Bikini of the Day


Nina Dobrev is supposed to be from Canada, but she’s in a bikini, which is something that I don’t think Canadians are legally allowed to do in their Igloos, but maybe things change when they escape the ice wall….not that she’s a real Canadian, she’s from Eastern Europe – and Canada just hands out passports to young harlots…who end up in LA on VAMPIRE shows for kids for pervert dudes who like girls on TV….

Rumor has it she has herpes…but that wouldn’t stop you from smearing her onto your face…because when nerdy weridos get excited for a girl…they go for it….because one second of goood times with a famous bitch no one’ ever heard off is worth a lifetime of itchy scabs on your dick

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Nina Dobrev Does Instagram Bikini Pics of the Day


Nina Dobrev is a Bulgarian who moved to Canada at two to become a Canadian icon who left Canada for Hollywood after being introduced to the world of acting and I guess the world by booking Degrassi like she was Drake, but blacker.

She’s ended up getting on some show The Vampire Diaries, when Vampires were what Zombies are now that instagram took over the world and everyone just stares at themselves in the mirror with empty / dead eyes / craving likes…something this Vampire actor isn’t immune to, because these pics of her little body in a bikini is from her recent American Thanksgiving weekend in Mexico…where she got to spend some of that actor money…her family escaped communism for her to have…

The only Nina Dobrev story I’ve heard was from a passionate ex girlfriend of a guy who ended up banging Nina Dobrev….and her claim was that she has herpes….which in Hollywood is code for “she has a vagina”…

Fascinating. I wonder if the salt water burns her ‘GINA

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Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough are Love Level Mooners of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 10.19.08 AM

LA girls are so fucking annoying…not that either of these girls are from LA, one is from Canada, and I think these pictures are taken in Canada, while the other one is from wherever the fuck the song and dance HOUGHS are from…

They are just like the high school cheerleaders are in movies. All excited and happy to be alive, smiling and being all cute and bubbly on camera. Likeable to the retards, but really dark behind the scenes – because no one is a fucking Disney character every day all day…

I also know girls who have Fucked Seacrest, who HOUGH HUGH WHO HOUGH hooooo dated…and dude does some wild and crazy cocaine fueled things…not that you wouldn’t if you had to be a dancing monkey 19 hours a day…and you created the Karadashians cancer to society….or is it AIDS…

It’s just a lot of smiles and hugs and fake bullshit..when they are really just humans..barely humans..but humans nonetheless..

So seeing BFFs seems like bullshit, but seeing them moon, without showing full ass, is also bullshit, but it’s their way of being cute, and fun, doing something I want done every time I drive by a school bus full of college girls…but it never happens…it doesn’t happen in real life…but when you’re constantly acting and putting on a show…it does…

But I know..that at least one of these asses has gaped…so play all fun and innocent..but you can’t fool me motherfuckers..

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 10.19.22 AM

Here’s a video of her falling while wake surfing…

A video posted by Nina Dobrev (@ninadobrev) on

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Nina Dobrev Pool Party of the Day


Canadian Nina Dobrev looks like she’s in Cottage Country Canada hanging with her Canadian friends…connecting with her Canadian roots…despite having become a vapid LA based actress who only uses Canada when it can be used to her advantage…like when they need to film in Canada for some Canadian funded production to generate business in Toronto…but that needs at least 1 star to be Canadian to justify government throwing a million dollars at shit like the Flatliners remake…not that that is what Nina Dobrev is shooting in Canada, or that I even know who Nina Dobrev is, I just know what Canada lakes look like, even when they have LA cunts on their inflatables reliving Coachella weekends amongst the fucking pine trees.

They are in bikinis…I don’t know which on is Nina Dobrev…but if you’re into her you’ll figure it out…

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Nina Dobrev’s Playing Beach Vollyball of the Day

nd (1)

Nina Dobrev posted some gratuitous bikini pics to her social media that aren’t supposed to look like they are about the bikini pics since that’s what faemwhore sluts do – but rather about the sport man…it’s always about the sport…that’s why beach Volleyball, female gymnastics and anything that involves a bitch half naked or in spandex is the most popular Olympic sports…we care about athleticism when we can jerk off to it..

She’s Hollywood, she is or was a TV show main character – playing some vampire or vampire hunter like she was Sarah Michelle Gellar…and she is famous because of it, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need the bikini pics on social media to keep the “LIKES” up…

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Jessica Szohr & Nina Dobrev in Bikinis of the Day


Jessica Szohr is some garbage 30 something year old actress who you may or probably remember from Gossip Girl, you Autistic obsessive compulsive fucker who knows every girl on IMDB from low level to a-list…it’s a passions…she’s from Wisconsin, she was 2010’s People’s most beautiful people thanks to her publicist…and she’s friends with NINA DOBREV…

Nina Dobrev is a Canadian raised Bulgarian who is dating a dude named Scott Eastwood, son of Clint, rumored party animal creeper, who definitely fucks her up the ass…she’s also on a Vapire show..I’ve never seen….

Together they throw really lame looking pool parties for cheesy, uninteresting twats, who go to each other’s mansions and probably order sushi and all kids of goodies where they talk about boys and sing karaoke after one too many sangria’s…

Despite being in Hollywood, I highly doubt they are having lesbian coke fueled orgies, but then again, they are in Hollywood, have money and everyone loves lesbian coke fueled orgies…it’s all disney level PG cheesy on the surface, but when the phones are checked at the door…the weirdo actor behavior happens…which probably includes vagina puppetry..

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Nina Dobev Underwater Tits of the Day


Nina Dobrev is some actor from some show about vampires, because Hollywood likes to milk trends harder than I like cheap hookers to milk my dick, or harder than I like to milk girls who crave fame and think I’m some conduit to that, when really, I’m not, just don’t tell the girls licking my ass that…

Either way, she’s from Canada, at least that is what I think, which in and of itself is really fucking fascinating to very few people, since no one cares about Canada more than just saying it’s where they will go when Trump gets elected…

She’s producing “artistic” bullshit tit pics in a bikini for her social media..which I guess is what all these slutty girls who want you to jerk off to them are calling their nudes…”art”….

BONUS: Here are Nina Dobrev and Sarah Hyland doing fitness together because all these tricks are puppets together in their insular garbage world that will one day be obsolete…seriously this “joke” is offensive…

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Nina Dobrev Does Bikinis with her Mooch Famewhore Friend of the Day


Nina Dobrev is some Canadian Hollywood icon you’ve probably never heard of because her iconic work is on a show called Vampire Diaries, and I don’t think she’s done much more than that…

She’s with some other Canadian Hollywood icon you’ve probably never heard of named Jessica Szohrs, which is approproate considering the condition of her vagina after her quest to get a job after 90210 the Next Generation…

Like typical lazy, spoiled, Hollywood d-listers, they are together, talking about their Canadian taking over Hollywood strategy, because what else would Canadians do…all while running around Hawaii in bikinis…

Not exciting, but young enough girls from Canada, basking in the warm oceans of America thanks to living the American dreams is ok, as long as bikinis are involved….or maybe this is just Jessica Szohrs trying to maximize her friendship with someone more famous than her to get as much press as she can since her instagram thirst, posting half naked pics, despite her great body is boring…


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Nina Dobev Bikini Vacation Pics of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 12.09.51 PM

Nina Dobrev is some Canadian and her and her friend are doing some dance/yoga/girl splits like they were a couple of strippers trying to get an extra 20 dollars a song with some gimmick…only on some beach, in some beautiful setting, because she’s on TV and rich and probably got all this for free…

And I guess what matters in all this is how deep her pussy spread is….because the deepness of a pussy spread is all that matters for all girls…

Here’s the video…

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Nina Dobrev in Interview Magazine of the Day


Nina Dobrev is in Interview magazine, because I guess people care about what she has to say…

I think she’s a Canadian from a show called Vampire Diaries who has turned her back on Canada to become Hollywood and pretend she’s not Canadian, since she’s brown and they can pretend she’s a Mexican American and Mexican Americans are the majority, and will thus make her famous…because they love supporting their own…even if their own are in shitty shows, are Jessica Alba…who pretends she’s not Mexican…or J.Lo…who is Puerto Rican, but bitch will exploit any culture for a dollar…

Or she is from Glee….and now she’s in a bra top in a magazine…fascinating…

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Nina Dobrev in Bikini of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.25.50 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.26.04 PM

I don’t know who Nina Dobrev is, but I think she’s a Canadian who is on TV, and who has had some success on TV, and figures she might as well show off to her fans, and say “fuck you normal people working in an office, you fucking suck at life and will never be as important as me”…until her show gets canceled, she spends all her money, and all she has to show for it is a child support check from a rich producer who knocked her up accidentally, as she medicates and tries to go to castings, and get work, but is too old to be noticed amongst all the other girls who want the exact same thing as her…so I guess just taking it all in and living it up is the best thing for her to do right now…live it up now, because like all girls, you’ll get old and forgotten…

HEre’s her friend being silly.

A video posted by Nina Dobrev (@ninadobrev) on


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Nina Dobrev is Athletic for SELF of the Day


Canadian Nina Dobrev…from Vampire Diaries…who cares…

Did Shape Magazine…in fitness gear…who cares….

I could probably outline tens of thousands of more important things than some second string actress who probably has a shitty attitude..because that’s what actors have…in some second rate magazine…all for the sake of monetizing their bullshit content no one actually needs but it makes for a nice distraction for life…and really not even that nice of a distraction from life…because I can assume only her friends and family are like “cool she’s in a magazine”…or maybe her PR team she was about to fire because no one cares about Nina Dobrev…pretending this is a big deal because they like their 5,000 dollar a month retainer she pays them….but it’s SELF magazine, this is insignificant…yet for some reason…I am posting it..

I guess what it comes down to is…what’s wrong with me….more on this in the 30,000 or more blog posts I’ve written the last 11 years…

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Nina Dobrev in a Bikini from Vampire Diaries of the Day

Some Canadian attention seeker who is on some popular show called Vampire Diaries, even though Vampires are lame, but that I guess they’ve managed to seduce an audience of retard kids who don’t realize that, it what I like to call the afterbirth of the Twilight Saga…was in a bikini on set of the show…and I guess people who watch kids shows care – because the other girls they masturbate to on said kids shows don’t have tits like this…

I find the whole thing weird…mainly because she’s Canadian and they’re the worst…but also because you shouldn’t know this show exists if you’re a grown man..

That said, her name is Nina Dobrev, and I am going to participate in her nonsense OMG she’s in a bikini..hustle…that I really am too old, but not too busy, since I don’t have a job, to get caught up in…

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