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Shanina Shaik for Marie Claire Australia of the Day

Australian model from Litunania / India who the fuck cares where else named Shanina Shaik who won some Reality show on becoming a super model, which I guess led to becoming a super model…something I am going to assume was a scam and she was already a model to begin with and her agency just thought this would be good for business, which it was cuz she’s all famous and shit now…doing magazine spreads and Victoria’s Secret…I like it.

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Shanina Shaik is Good for Marie Claire Australia of the Day

Shanina Shaik is some half Lithuanian, half Pakistani, all Australian model and she’s posing in some Australian Marie Claire and she’s looking pretty lovely…but I’m probably just saying that because she’s in bathing suits and bikinis and I’m blinded by that shit…

Or maybe I am in love…and this is love…I wouldn’t know since my cold dead heart doesn’t generally feel, but it does know that it wants to sing love songs to this permanently tanned girl…not that I know how to sing love songs, but if I have learned one thing from Katy Perry and Rihanna, it’s that you don’t need to know how to sing…to make your love song matter…or get played on the radio so much that someone like me who doesn’t listen to the radio unless it is background music at the welfare office…knows all the fucking words to your brainwashing shit….but maybe I’m just saying that because she’s in bathing suits….or maybe I just always wanted to have children with a Victoria’s Secret model…my love is so transparent.

Here are the pics…

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Shanina Shaik for Next Lingerie of the Day

OMG – I fucking love lingerie catalog pics…

I mean even in the 80s when all I had to jerk off to was lingerie catalog pics I hated the shit…

Back then, they didn’t photoshop the shit, and bikini waxes were less intense and common, so you could see always little nipple discoloration and panty pillow, making it semi erotic…at least compared to the shitty porn you barely had access to and music videos you needed cable to jerk off to…and national geographic that was just far too tribal to really be all that erotic…but that still had some nipple that was good enough in your time of need..but you knew there had to be more out there you know that one day a hub like the internet would come along and allow you access to all your deepest fetishes…from throat fucking to fat chicks shitting on each other…making the Lingerie catalog pic almost obsolete…until one day, 20 years in, you realize, shit…I don’t like all that hardcore shit all that much anymore, it’s kinda vile and the girls are disgusting, I wanna go back to a simpler time…a time where half naked was all you had, when all you wanted hardcore…but now hardcore is all we have, and half naked is all I want, and readily available…

Her name is Shanina Shaik and I am committed to her half nakedness..

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Shanina Shaik in Swimsuit for Summer Splash of the Day

Here is model Shanina Shaik, who has modeled for Victoria’s Secret, which means she’s an actual model, because Victoria’s Secret is the litmus test as to whether a girl is actually a model, or just a try hard, posing for other companies, trying to make as many moves as possible, before the scouts at Victoria’s Secret scoop her up, trap her, abduct her and make her their own to do whatever they want with….but I guess none of that really matters because here she is modeling for some other company I’ve never heard of, riding on the Victoria’s Secret stamp of approval Shanina’s got, and milking her in some boring pics and videos that I am going to post, because models are usually not fat and I like that.

Here’s the video….

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Shanina Shaik on the Beach for Revolve Clothing of the Day

Shanina Shaik is a hot model and not just because her name is ridiculous yet fun to say, but because her body is fantastic, and that’s probably why she’s been recruited by Victoria’s Secret to do some of their Bullshit campaigns over the last year, while not contractually locking her in, allowing other companies like Revolve Clothing, to use her in similar, yet better shot and more interesting to look at ways, even if they also photoshop out her nipples, the only thing I really want to see in these pics, but being low standards and taking what I get, I like don’t mind staring a pics of her body, a body that more girls should aspire to have, because it’s not fat, dumpy, cellulite ridden and as far as I’m concerned, totally attainable if you’re not a lazy fucking cunt who emotionally eats.

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Shanina Shaik for GQ Australia of the Day

Shanina Shaik is an Australian model…..who has done shit from being on a weird supermodel reality show that landed her a boyfriend named Tyson Beckford….and that more importantly landed her work with Victoria’s Secret….like walking their shows and being half naked in their campaigns…and now she’s strategically naked for GQ…in what is nice to look at…unless you’re a racist and all you can see is big black cock going in and out of her ass like you know it does….naughty little 22 year old is what she is….and I kinda like her for that…but that’s cuz I’m not a racist…in fact I donated money to the United Negro College Fund once….sure it was cuz someone called me a racist for making racist jokes….but it still counts….

Here she is modeling….reminding me that I like Australia….

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Shanina Shaik for Victoria’s Secret of the Day

Looks like Victoria’s Secret has found her good side and that happens to be her backside…this is an entire catalog of ass shots…I wonder what is going on on her frontside that they were trying to cover up…was it bruises from a Rihanna like boyfriend…you know it is the trend these days…or maybe she’s just got a nasty belly button or a dick…

Who knows…who cares….her ass is glorious enough for me to stare at for at least a minute and at most 72 hours straight….

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Shanina Shaik Modeling Underwear Hotly For Nordstrom of the Day

I just learned a very important thing…Hotly is an actual word…that I am not forced the use all the fucking time…because it’s hotly…

Shanina Shaik is Australian…her genetic code reads Lithuania, Pakistan and Saudi….her labia read elegant and lovely…and her asshole reads “feed me with your tongue”….but she’s too busy letting Tyson Beckford up in it…while not winning Australian supermodel reality shows to make herself relevant…

Nordstrom did okay with this campaign…making lingerie modeling…a little more saucy…and by saucy I do mean in my drippy underwear…as much as I mean in concept and flavor…

Here are some of the pics…

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