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Paper in Ass Cheeks Challenge Makes me Happy and Other Videos of the Day

Crazy ROad Rage – Dude Takes On Two Assholes

Naked man at the Met Gala – Outfit

SUV vs Bar

Teacher KNocked Out During Brawl

Woman Hits Herself with Fallen Sprinkler for Phony Workers Comp

Gas Clerk Getting Stabbed

Man With a Breast on his Back

Naked Czech Guy Goes to the Store

Girl Falls Off Amusement Ride and TAkes Out Two Ladies

Weirdest Goldberg Machine

3 People Ejected from Bus When it Loses Wheels..

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Hot Girl Masturbating at Walgreens and Other Videos of the Day

Every Girl on Instagram with their Janky Lip Injections

Sex on the School Building

Man in Amsterdam Eats Pepperspray

School Bus Captures Rollover Crash

Dude and his Hot Wife Get Kicked Off a Delta Flight

Man Beats Birdnapper – Birdnapper is an actual Word…

More Montana Fishburne Arrest Tapes – So Good

Baby Birds Eaten By Snake

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Farmer has Sex with Buffalo and Other Videos of the DAy

Wife Strips Mistress

Climbing Shelf Fail

Man Saving Stork…Dead

Arab Fight in India

Little Kid’s Hand Stuck in Escalator…Gross

Florida Man Gets Tased

Fucked Up Wedding Collapse

Idiots on Scooter Drive into a Car

Fucked up Suicide

Bike Pile Up

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Malaysian Scooter Riding Masturbator and Other Videos of the Day

Sex on the Train

Angry EX Vs Car

Ninja Kick at Jack in the Box

Men Dressed Like Women – Rob Store

Man Thrown Out of Rotating Wheel

Little Kid Attacked By Stray Dogs

Bendy Freak

Gecko Romance

Truck Explosion

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Naked in the Airport and Other Videos of the Day

Dancer of the DAy

Bus Plows Through Pedestrians…

Breast Implant Fail

Strong Man in LOndon

Fighting in the Waffle House…

Just a Couple of Junkies Shooting Up

Trolleybus Knocks Over Old Man

Texas Tornado

Insane Mom of the Year Video

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#FyreFestival – The Instagram Troll of the Year of the Day

Back in December a bunch of social media hookers, like Bella Hadid and Em Rat Cow participated in this aggressive promotion for a brand new festival that took place on Pablo Escobar’s private island….called Fyre Festival.

They had a solid website that sold it as the high end luxury festival, with glamping in this safari style tents…in the fucking Bahamas…tents that turned out to be shanty style, like a refugee camp..and food that ended up being two pieces of bread and two slices of cheese….so good…

All it took was a website, some social media buzz…and losers with too much money and fear of missing out bought into it.

They thought “I’ll give this never heard of before festival 15k, some up to 250k for tickets to some bullshit event”…that had no headliner, it just was an orange square on social media accounts they jerked off to.

I guess they thought – let’s get to the place where these people who don’t matter hang out…for no reason, no thought, nothing…and people transferred money over…bought into it….they didn’t even have headliners! It was all based on one social media video…

Apparently, two weeks ago the festival contacted ticket holders and told them no cash or cards would be allowed and they had to charge up their accounts for 500 dollars a person on top of the 15k they already spent…because they knew…grab that money….

And all these dumb Americans think they’ll get their money back, they don’t realize there are terms and conditions, and they don’t realize that they are the idiots to blame…it’s a Bahamas based event…international lawsuit over 15k…idiots…

So the whole thing is pretty fucking funny…an amazing instagram troll…a social experiment like Mr Brainwash, proving people are fucking morons…

I hope they documented this whole thing as a viral video prank, because seriously, it was ambitious and amazingly executed, I am just mad I didn’t organize it.

The US Embassy is involved…this is just LEGENDARY….fuck you Em Rat Cow…it’s all your fault…and internet…you remain a wonderful thing…

Fucking lemmings…so good…I just wish Em Rat Cow and Baldwin were stranded on the island with all the morons. Woulda been good.

THere are some great tweets on the topic…this shit is huge…

Seeing rich idiots getting scammed like idiots as they chase some really stupid IG dream is everything and more….

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Couple Fucking in the Back Seat and Other Videos of the Day

Elderly Woman Shits on the Floor

Naked Rant by a Naked Activist of the Day

Idiot Runs Herself Over

Man Kicked Off a Flight for Using the Bathroom

Student Driver – Hit and Run

Drunk Driver of the Day

Crow VS Rat

Topless Woman with Mace VS Cop

Mother Smokes Weed first Time

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Hijabi Public Blowjob and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Man on a Car

Truck Close Call

Car RunningOver People

Skateboarder Scared of Dogs Wipes Out

Dude Dies Live on Indonesian TV Singing Religious Shit…

Fat Guy Taking a Shit in an Earth Quake

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Woman Masturbates on Subway and Other Videos of the Day

Sex in the Stairway

Charred Body on TV During Highway 5 Accident

Snake in a Dash

Driver VS Crosswalk

Guy VS Ferry

Boat Towing of the Day

Idiot Tries Drifting Tractor

Asshole Human Slaps a Monkey in India….I Hope He Fucking Dies

Idiot Drops Cocaine in Court for a Traffic Ticket

Man VS Pitbulls – Trying to Save a Jack Russell

Just a Dude Robbing a Store

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Crackhead Talks About Fucking 9 Year Old And Other Videos of the Day

Naked Dude Walking

Bungee Jump Death

Couple Busted by Farmer

Topless Protestors…

Zombie Woman – of the Day

This Monkey is Just Like You

Deputy Beating Suspect

Russian Axe Barber

How to Catch a Snake….

Palestinian Stabbing few Israelis

Chinese Opera Shows Punishing Women Who Commit Adultery

Bus Vs People….

Drunk vs Class…

Pickpocketer Gets Caught

Scamming Tits….

Sickle in Head

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Bikini Snowboarding…and Other Videos of the Day

Frenchy VS Snake

19 Houses Sink Into River

Woman Driver of the DAy

Idiot Acrobat of the DAy

Man Bites Woman – She Punches Him

Girl on GIrl Knife Fight

Girl Tries to Kill Cat Doing Yoga

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Just a Dude Putting Bees on his Crotch and Other Videos of the Day

Pre-Op Tranny of the Day

Truck Driver Falls Asleep at Wheel

Couple Having Sex in Apartment Near Tennis Match

Random Guy – Beaten and Robbed in Philly

Dutch cops Shoot a Motherfucker

Cop in Head On Collision

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Drunk Lady Flashes the Crowd at at Cubs Game and Other Videos of the Day

Crying Crackhead…

Mounting a Trailer in Russia….

Guys Rescue Dog….

Car Getting Dragged….

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Drunk Dudes Fall Asleep in Car Sucking Dick and Other Videos of the Day

Idiot Gets Run Over By his Friend in the Craziest Way

Afghan Men Fucking SHeep

Snake Attacks Dude on Motorcycle….

Idiot Tries to Help Old Lady

Tire Has It out for these People

Weird Funeral Procession

Domino Axe Attack

Construction Worker Jackhammer Race

Three Wheeler in China….

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Doctor Fixes Dislocated breast and Other Videos of the Day

Pedestrian fixes Traffic Light

Public Library Gets LIT

Man Gets Bitten By an Anteater

Kangaroo with Itchy Balls

Great White Shark Near Jacksonville…Sharknado is Gonna Happen…

Idiot on a Scooter

Bear Diarrhea

Family Gets Taken Out

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