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Australian Reporter Bit By a Bull Ant of the Day

I think i just found my new fetish…

Australian reporters being bitten by ants…not aunts…that would be a whole other fetish, filled with incest, unless it was an aunt through marriage….not that that matters because this ant is a bull aunt, not your uncle’s hot wife aunt, and this ant brings pain….live on TV…

I am not a fan of the “Fuck Her Right in the Pussy” movement, or the Kiss the Reporter while she’s live on TV movement, because feminists think everything is abusive and derogatory to them, so I just prefer when nature attacks…Or when people give the live broadcast the finger, or the jerk off gesture…

Maybe I just like Australian women. They are so cute.

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Times Square Tourist Video and Other Videos of the Day

Mother VS Billboard

Nipple Biting Fish

Cop VS Scooter…

Just a Drunk Guy Who Knows Karate

Prison Guard Attacks Inmate…

Interesting Dump Truck…

Walmart Shoplifter Escaping Court…

Dog With Its Own Trailer…

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#FreeThePeen in Brooklyn Gets Tased and Other Videos of the Day

Paragliding Death of the Day

Psycho fucking Driver of the Day

Female Soldier of the Day

Tranny Gets Beat

Cop Disarms Suicidal Man

Hotel for the Dead in Japan is Weird…

Woman Stealing an Ipad…

Arrest of the Day:

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Famous Period of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 1.29.41 PM

So MIA’s drummer and I guess feminist, not feminist enough to have hairy armpits who poses naked on the internet because it is empowering….ran a marathon without a tampon in as a statement for third world countries where women don’t have access to tampons and other feminine products…in what girls I”ve sent the picture to have considered disgusting…and that one dude I know who has a period fetish has jerked off to at least twice…

The only fetish I have when it comes to periods is when girls I fuck without condoms get their periods…I don’t like babies..

I am the kind of guy who turns down sex before it happens on the regular, girls are slutty, what do you want from me, but when I’m in too deep to escape and the girl I am about to have sex with has her period, I always go for it because YOLO, but that doesn’t mean I love looking like a murder victim
when I’m done, it just means…I don’t believe in road blocks…and just commit…

All this to say, this is messy activism…and she can forever be the woman who has period stains on her pants for a purpose and not just because her period came a day early and she’s on a boat trip without tampons…

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Just a Classy Fight at Chuck E Cheese and Other Videos of the Day

I Don’t Know Why She’s Naked…But She’s Naked

Fast Food Angel..

Drivers Save Ducks…

Gas VS House

Cop Saves Kid…

Patriotic Naked Trucker

Ram VS Dude Trying to Kill It…Who Probably Ended Up Killing It

Man Trying to Get Rid of Pet…Gets Followed By Pet…

Mom and Kid Run Over

Plane Crash of the Day

Just a Fight at a Chinese Restaurant

Dude Vandalizes a Porsche

Lady in a Green Dress Ejected from a Car…

Shitting Girl Burns Herself…

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Good Old Walmart Beatdown in Front of Kids and Other Videos of the Day

NYC Racist Road Rage…

Japanese Couple Hooking Up on the Train – With a Sniff…

Crazy Person at McDonald’s

Slingshot Gone Wrong…

Police Brutality in Long Island From May…

Chainsaw Prank Revenge

Milwaukee Shooting

Air Conditioning Install

Guy Flexing

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Hot Naked New York Crazy Woman Tits and Other Videos of the Day

Hot Reporter VS Girl VS Pony

Rainbow Crew do Mob Shoplifting..

Man who Decides to not take bus – Lives

Woman VS Man who Seig Heils

Fast Food Employee Rubs Bun on Floor

Biker Hits Pedestrial…what…

First Women’s Only Beach for Girls in Some Hot Fucking Bikinis

Old Dude Knocked Out in Store

Police Arrest Guy in Underwear

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Dog Carrying baby Monkey and Other Videos of the Day

Minion Attacks Dublin

Car B-Q

Couple Has Sex Under the Bridge

Horrible Bike Accident

Drunk Dad and his Kid

Teens Rob and Old Man

Indian Groom gets mad at his Bride

Old Man in Asphalt Pit

Birthday Cake Fail

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Confederate Flag Protestor is Wearing FUBU and Other Videos of the Day

Fight at Waffle House

Naked Old Man of the Day

Death of Hitchbot

Road Rage Run Down

Pregnant Crackhead VS Stolen Phone

Just a Naked Dude Getting Arrested!

Deputy Puts Kid in Hand Cuffs

Cop in a Pull Up Contest

Old Man Doesn’t Like Being Arrested

Wheel Chair Dude GetS Knocked Out

Game Show Conincidence

Dude on RAZOR Scooter Steals Package

The Most Insane Video You’ll See Today

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Aspiring Canadian Singer Stages a Topless Protest Even Though Topless is Legal and Other Videos of the Day

Homeless Sex…

The Weridest Dixie Land Dancers

50 Year Old Back Flip Fail

Woman in the Road Trying to Get Run Over

The Man who Pumped the Wrong Gas

The Marriage is Going to End in Murder Suicide

Car VS Construction Hole

Here’s the Follow-Up to the Woman in China Eaten By Escalator – Where the Family Brought her Body to the Mall…

Here’s a Dude Losing his Leg to an Escalator in CHina

Lifeguard Gets Beat in LA

Graphic – Horrible – Video of a Dude Shooting Himself Because His Girlfriend was Talking to Another Dude…Idiot

Man Attacks Cop…in China…

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Gypsy Girls Beaten in France and Other Video of the Day

Walmart Shopper Gets Caught Leaving Baby in Car

Guy Gets Hit Hard in Subway

Frozen Drunk

Suspect Crashes Police SUV

Human Fireballs

Girl Heroin Going Up Escalator..

Black Guy Begs

Lifeguard Gets Beaten….

Black Man Begs Cincinnati Cops Not to Kill Him…

Guys Dance for Cops..

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Burger King Brawl and Other Videos of the Day

Couple Has Sex in the Grocery Store

How to Not Getting Eaten By Escalator Instruction Video

Jeep Hits Barrier – Bounce Back

Cop Gets Bit – Shoots Shots in the Sky

Irish Girls VS Slingshot

Clerk VS Homemade Shot Gun

Cop VS Truck Driver

Pepsi Truck Crashes, Filipinos Take ADvantage

25 Year Old Israeli Jumper…What theFuck

Dude Attacking Cops with a Knife

Hong Kong Girl Kicks Dude in a Head

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Dude double parked buying fried chicken in NYC gets Beat By Cops and Other VIdeos of the Day

Driver Gets Beat Up for Running Over 4 People

Israeli Army Training Kids to Fight…

Employees Saw Broken Escalotor Before it Ate a Woman…

Chair Fight in Vietnam

Rodent Feeding in a Restaurant

Footage of Sandra Bland Alive in Jail….

Happy Bus Driver

Aliens of the day

Badger and a Fox

Topless Arab Cyclists of Canada

Possible Cheating Video – But Who Knows…All This Shit is Fake…

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Florida Girl Getting Arrested and Other Videos of the Day

PUBLIX Manager Deals With Wife and Girlfriend Cheating

Walgreens Don’t Like No Theives…

Interesting Use of a Red Light..

Asshole Gets What He Deserves from a Bull

Man Fell Into a Garbage Truck

Dude in Traffic Rocks the Flute

Confederate Flag Supports VS a Black Kid’s Birthday

Naked Guy in the Streets

Little Kids Playing with Guns

Bus Driver or Horror Movie…

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Brawl at Disney and Other Videos of the Day

I Guess Girls Do Shit…

Bridge Collapses

Dude Waits Around to Punch Arrested Dude

Bank Beatdown

Street Vendor of the Day

Subway Worker Hits Dude Who Pulled Out His Dick

Angry Woman in the Bus…

Grocery Shopping in Venezuala LOoks Pretty Overwhelming with all the Options

Cop Throws Himself Under a Suicidal Man to Break the Fall

White Guy Tells Black Guy He Can’t BBQ Because of the Smoke..

Mob Robbery…in Ohio

Mother Saves Child…But Gets Eaten By Escalator…WTF

Chinese Man Pulls His Dick Out when Fighting With Neighbor….what…

Redneck Fight…

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