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Drunk Naked Woman Dancing and Other Videos of the Day

Chinese Escalator Eats People…

Biker Escapes Death

Sad End to a Poor Goose

People Sturggling to Cross the Glass Bridge

Another Baby Falling from the Sky

Worker Gets Destroyed

Deer Being Hunted Licks Gun Barrel – Sad

Motorcycle Finds Achilles Heel of Truck

Worst Place to Break Down

Food Tower Fail – I Call Staged..

Camel and Bus Accident

Fork Life Murder

Weird Chicago Shoot Out

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Celine Farach in Some Photoshoot of the Day

Celine Farach is some chick with a lot of instagram followers, who does photoshoots for bikini companies and has a big round booty…see video:

Here’s a video of her booty…

Apparently, this is one of her photoshoots, and I would have so many very important things about her, but I have never heard of her, I don’t know who she sleeps with for money, or for security, and I don’t even know if I really like her…because I don’t take the time to get to know all the smut that is being posted to social media…I just know that all the garbage behind the smut…like that this girl thinks she’s hot and important..or a business..makes her far more annoying than just her tits…so I keep things pretty superfical…and I guess so does she….Celine Farach we are so the same.

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Model Getting Butt Injections and Other Videos of the Day

Just a Simple Man VS an Escalator

Englishman Shoots Gun like Faggot

Lion Attacks Trainer

Mosquito Swarm

Kid’s Leg Gets Stuck in Escalator

Nude Artist of the DAy

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Couple Having Sex in Public and Other Videos of the Day

Man Has Car Sex in Parking Lot..

Woman VS Puddle

Attention Walmart Shoppers

Coffin Hits Two Men in a Grave

The Story of my Life

High School Fight

Woman Beaten and Robbed in NY

Employees VS Rats…

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FEMEN Protestors Like Showin Tit…and Other Videos of the Day

Old Lady Gets Assaulted by a Dude at a Party for Asking them to Turn the Music Down

Girl Fight Ends with Fire Extinguisher

Suicidal Girl Save

It’s The End of This Woman….

Drinking a Guinness the Dumbest Way

Fair Fail…

Stage Fail

EEL Pulled From Body

Man Catches That baby!

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Paper in Ass Cheeks Challenge Makes me Happy and Other Videos of the Day

Crazy ROad Rage – Dude Takes On Two Assholes

Naked man at the Met Gala – Outfit

SUV vs Bar

Teacher KNocked Out During Brawl

Woman Hits Herself with Fallen Sprinkler for Phony Workers Comp

Gas Clerk Getting Stabbed

Man With a Breast on his Back

Naked Czech Guy Goes to the Store

Girl Falls Off Amusement Ride and TAkes Out Two Ladies

Weirdest Goldberg Machine

3 People Ejected from Bus When it Loses Wheels..

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Hot Girl Masturbating at Walgreens and Other Videos of the Day

Every Girl on Instagram with their Janky Lip Injections

Sex on the School Building

Man in Amsterdam Eats Pepperspray

School Bus Captures Rollover Crash

Dude and his Hot Wife Get Kicked Off a Delta Flight

Man Beats Birdnapper – Birdnapper is an actual Word…

More Montana Fishburne Arrest Tapes – So Good

Baby Birds Eaten By Snake

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Alexis Ren is a Great Skateboarder of the Day

Alexis Ren may have a bit of a donkey head, but girl is a good time…..and has an amazing body – but most importantly, she understands the importance of using sex and sexuality in your marketing, because when she was just 18, she partnered up with some homosexual dude, and together they painted this bullshit storyline of a girl and a guy, young and in love, traveling the world, doing things that all kinds of married women in trailer parks dreamed of doing, you know the kind of thing they’d put on the desktop of their computer if they could afford a computer…or masturbation fodder to the trashy Walmart clerk who lived alone and never touched a man, let alone one with abs, who spends the days on beaches…and instead of resenting this tight little body, they embraced her and wanted to be her…..totally unlike most female behavior…

Well, now everyone is producing this couple content for the voyeurs to watch as foreplay before their porn. Racy bikini shit…and Alexis Ren, no longer partners with the homo, got some breast implants and still brings it – because she knows….despite the Donkey Head…her body is young, tight and lovely…and that’s enough for some instagram erotica…

Either way, here she is teaching some skateboarding – the way it should be taught….all cock teasing…and playful…I like the slutty skateboard….better than the slutty naked in bed – but not too naked..strategic naked…..

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Sara Jean Underwood – Naturalist of the Day

Sara Jean Underwood is a mid-30s naturalist, who I guess is into nature and camping and all the beautiful things the country has to offer. She hikes, she poses next to waterfalls and other amazing things, and she documents it in the most slutty and self involved way…

But for some reason, I think it’s an interesting hook. I mean she was in Playboy at 18, she tried to do some legit hosting, she fell into obscurity, and she made a serious and aggressive instagram comeback….

I don’t think she’s making any money doing this shit, because she pushes private snap chats and private instagrams and sells monthly memberships to her smut…but if it finances her great trips to these great places…where she can produce her smut…I am all for it..

We live in a world where everyone gets naked for instagram, in all the same poses, and places…at least some effort goes into this…and she’s a veteran and expert…as it is all she’s known..other than Ryan Seacrests daytime TV dick…

SO I support, I don’t pay her monthly subscription fees, but I’ll promote her for free, and not make fun of what is seemingly a wonderful thing!

I like that despite being freezing, she still gets naked, it is wonderful.

Here’s more:

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Montana Fishburne Arrest of the Day

Montana Fishburne is amazing…

She is the Laurence Fishburne daughter and failed sex tape star we grew to love and forgot about, because some celebrity daughters take the right route, like this one, while others become Hailey Baldwin or some shit…

She was pulled over for a DUI, found with an open bottle of booze in her car, but the highlight isn’t when she tells the cop to let her off because they are both Latino and Donald Trump means they must stay together…

The Highlight of the video is when she takes a pee on the side of the road…and the cop just allows it…because what the fuck are you really going to do…when a girl pulls her underwear off and calls herself a ratchet…

This is what I want all Celeb daughters to be, gutter, porn acting, mentally unstable, criminal record holding….queens…

Fuck that “MET GALA”…all the other bratty kids go, this is where things should be…broken, empty, daddy was too busy and famous, this is how I try to get his attention, shit…PERFECT…



There’s more….

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Farmer has Sex with Buffalo and Other Videos of the DAy

Wife Strips Mistress

Climbing Shelf Fail

Man Saving Stork…Dead

Arab Fight in India

Little Kid’s Hand Stuck in Escalator…Gross

Florida Man Gets Tased

Fucked Up Wedding Collapse

Idiots on Scooter Drive into a Car

Fucked up Suicide

Bike Pile Up

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Malaysian Scooter Riding Masturbator and Other Videos of the Day

Sex on the Train

Angry EX Vs Car

Ninja Kick at Jack in the Box

Men Dressed Like Women – Rob Store

Man Thrown Out of Rotating Wheel

Little Kid Attacked By Stray Dogs

Bendy Freak

Gecko Romance

Truck Explosion

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Mary Carey Dancing in the Airport of the DAy

Mary Carey may be a disgusting to look at porn chick I hope you’ve never masturbated to – but you probably have…but she is a good time..

Whether it was running for politics years ago, which put her on the map…or just doing whatever cameos come along…she’s a harmless disgusting to look at porn chick…and I appreciate her positive attitude as she dances around – because lets face it, porn is a depressing world filled with broken women trying to promote their cam careers or escorting, but they are often times medicated and broken by 30…while Mary Carey must be in her 70s and still killin’ it at the Airport doing her dance..probably because she was lucky enough to get flown somewhere instead of forgotten like most porn chicks of the past….who knows…but it’s the dance video of the Day….

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Naked in the Airport and Other Videos of the Day

Dancer of the DAy

Bus Plows Through Pedestrians…

Breast Implant Fail

Strong Man in LOndon

Fighting in the Waffle House…

Just a Couple of Junkies Shooting Up

Trolleybus Knocks Over Old Man

Texas Tornado

Insane Mom of the Year Video

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Britney Spears Slow Motion Bikini Jump of the Day

Britney Spears is the kind of daughter I would want to have. An earner. Who knows the family depends on her – because they had her committed and she has been programmed into thinking it.

She’s also the kind of wife I’d want to have, or baby momma I’d want to have, because her white trash way of life, coupled with the stupid money she makes, can buy you a lot of those fancy things – like RED LOBSTER for fucking days – 5 meals a day if you want…

She’s a total fucking dream boat…really..and here she is in some POOL erotica…

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