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I am – Michelle Rodriguez Drunk, Swimming and Topless

It’s nice when people swim topless, especially when drunk. It reminds me of a bad teen movie on prom night, not that I have ever seen teen movies, I can’t really afford a TV. I was lucky enough to see this bitch surf in Blue Crush, only because they were playing it on my bus to Canada. I can say that Michelle Rodriguez, a fellow Mexican knows how to show a party at the Shore Club Skybar just what it takes to be famous, and that is no fear towards showing your tits and a capacity to suck a lot of producer cock. Not that I would really know, it’s been years since my last audition, but I can only assume this is a major defining factor in why she is a B-Lister and not working as a chamber maid. I didn’t say that cuz she’s mexican, I said that cuz she’s a girl – so fuck you for calling me a racist.

In all honesty, I have no idea if this is even her.

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