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I am – Leelee Sobieski Likes Indian

Leelee Sobieski is down with brown and by brown I mean Indian, dots not feathers. That was an old fucking joke that my lady-friend in Miami told me, she’s a dot so I am assuming that it’s not racist to say. If you think it is I don’t give a fuck because I hate you more than I hate other races: dots, feathers, tribal drum motherfuckers, packed subway car people and Mexicans included. My celebrity stalker lesbian friend went to some vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian Restaurant(big surprise- a lesbian who doesn’t eat meat, not another bad joke) and saw this picture of Leelee, who’s name was completely butchered (I guess that’s the hindu translation for “we’ve never heard of you, but someone told us you were famous, so we will put your picture on the wall and not bother spelling your name right, because you’re not that famous),she was celebrating her birthday. I don’t know about you losers who probably sit at home at your computer waiting for e-cards from your message board buddies while jerking off, but this motherfucker(me) likes to get fucked up and lap danced on, either way, Indian could be nice…Hey Rahji, get me another Nan Bread.

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