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I am – Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Happy Marriage

I know what marriage is all about and shit’s not like it is in the movies. You are not retarded in love and on E all the time, that shit’s for the movies and for pussy whipped motherfuckers who eventually crack under pressure. So the media fucks up the world by tell us how things should be, making us all think how shit we are in comparisson, and spend a life time trying to mimic that shit. I am not cynical, I will just tell you that it never happens.

I do everything I can to do the opposite of the shit she would read in romance novels if she wasn’t too lazy to read, the opposite of what happens on soap operas which she watches everyday cuz bitch is on disability and sits on her ass all day, opposite of every romanctic comedy where the couple is all cuddles and smiles all the disgusting time, all in effort to get my wife to stand up, sit in her mobilette (that’s a government funded motor scooter for fat people), and drive the fuck away.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie “I’m Mexican” Prinze seem to be feelin’ the way I’m feeling. A little “What the fuck did I do, and why do I have to wake up to your cunt face everyday”. Let’s hope they get divorced, their careers fall to shit, bitch develops a crack addiction and ends up working the strip club circuit. Not because I want to fuck her, but because I like other people’s misery, and rock bottom just makes my life feel a little more tolerable.

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