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I am – Who the fuck is this?

Yeah I know I saw this bitch in the Eminem movie, or as I like to call it, the movie that changed my life. She didn’t have lips then and she still hasn’t fixed that shit, ironically she’s got enough pussy-lip for 8 average pussied women. You’d think that a couple thousand dollars would be a spend to make you look a little less like a bitch with cancer, I’d say Aids, but we already know you got that shit, bitch. I guess the hottness isn’t your friend’s horse mouth, or the fact that your dressed like a teenage runaway hooker who I just fucked for 8 dollars and a pack of smokes, it’s that you are showing your bush, and I know that’s the next big trend in Hollywood. We’ve done the no bra nipples, we’ve started with ass cleavage and we are currently rocking the “apples of the bottom” exhibitionism. Taryn Manning is next level so deserves respect for that, so donate to the local Aids Charity. Cuddles. Oh and I know that Homo at Egotastic posted this a couple days ago, which is fine, we all know he’s more into chest hair than pussy hair, but makes $8000 a month off the URL I gave him, and my marketing strategy. Good work, lookin forward to you coming out of the closet.

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