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I am – Chloe Sevigny’s Full Frontal of the Day


So motherfuckers are tired of me talking about my impotence. I guess it’s fucking annoying to read about people’s problems and I don’t realize that I constantly mention it, but I guess it’s on my mind, and since this is my site, I guess I feel the right to talk about it. But if that’s the reason none of you cunts are coming back, I understand, the thought of another man’s penis can be very exciting. Exciting in a way that you may or not want to come to terms with. So let me tell you a real masculine tough guy story, about a Chloe Sevigny sucking cock, like the slut she is, in Brown Bunny, and now doing full frontal spreads in magazines, bitch is crazy.

I remember that movie kids where Casper (RIP) started slamming her after that Telly dude (I think that if we make love you’d love it) gave her HIV. Point of the story is I love fucking bitches when they are passed out from too much booze/drugs, because they are too fuckin’ gone to realize this shit. I do this said fucking with my real VIRILE cock, because I have no problems getting it up. Not Will Sasso, if that is your real name, go fuck yourself. Cuddles.

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