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I am – Teri Hatcher: Post Molestation Pic of the Day


Teri Hatcher hangs out in a yellow dress in honor of her uncle who molested her when she was a kid; he loved yellow. She is seen with a fat bitch who was also molested when she was a child, but unlike Teri, took to food to try to emotionally eat the pain away. Why would someone steal a little girl’s innocence?? Is probably one of the questions they are asking themselves, and the answer is simple. They were probably sucking on popsicles, running around in Smurf jumpsuits, and sitting on Uncle’s lap….what the fuck else do you expect him to do….if only you were that easy now… I guess this lack of sympathy towards molested kids isn’t gonna go over well and I truly feel very emotional about having written about it. I am a bad fucking person…now come here and sit on Stepdaddy’s lap, you little whores.

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