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I am – Raymi the Minx Draws her Vagina and Describes it in 10 words or Less


There is a girl who has a personal blog, and I HATE personal blogs.
I hate reading people’s self-absorbed opinion on anything. If I wanted to listen to people vent or voice their opinion on society or talk about how their mom is crazy and shit, I’d enroll myself in Jewish summer camp….The point for you idiots who don’t understand what I write is that Raymi is HUGE on the net. She writes all kinds of insanity about her day to day, and other equally gay things, but does it with style, and scatters naked pics in the mix, but she’s not a slut she has a boyfriend who I call Ray, but isn’t really named Ray. I just have a crush on this bitch and I am getting her together with Steve for a Step TV episode.

IN the meantime read her site and demand to see her real vagina. She will give in eventually.


Send In You Vagina Pic Here (there are no prizes, we work on a budget)

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