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I am – Hilary Swank’s Nipples


I did the celebrity blog tour today, actually I visited 2 sites, one of which I wrote for for a week and I noticed that the European cocksucking piece of shit took me off his links to visit on the right side of his page….it’s been an on going theme the last 6 months. Other bloggers hate me.

Those celebrity blog motherfuckers won’t let me in their club….now I have always had trouble getting into certain clubs. For example, a couple of years ago I made some decent money and I would always get harassed by bouncers of gino clubs because either my pants were too baggy/low or my shoes were too cool for the lame bouncer to understand that my running shoes cost more than his generic black leather shoes. I always stayed away from those places cuz I knew you can’t convince a bunch of gino’s that Stussy is a hype brand, or that Denim and sneakers will one day be worn by executives and billionaires and people you want in your club.

Another club I couldn’t get into was the SciFi club at the college a friend of mine went to. I thought those geek virgin motherfuckers were too busy building weapons to use in simulated battle and the weekend sleepover, reading comics, talking star wars/geek trivia to notice me, but the second their virgin noses smelled the pussy on my face from earlier that morning, they freaked out and called security….

I am sure there are other clubs I wasn’t a part of, but in all reality they were clubs I didn’t want to be a part of. This celebrity blogger network is obviously some next level geek shit that people like me are supposed to make fun of and throw things at. It’s the geek heirarchy, and just because we are on the internet, and not in a high school classroom/locker room, doesn’t mean we can’t laugh at how lame they are.

In the meantime – here’s Hilary Swank in a see-through dress. People are complaining that I write too much… I guess I have a lot to say… if it annoys you… I will miss your visits…

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  • Now there goes Charlie Sheen again. Will he ever understand or obtain assistance? Till he admits he has a problem, he is not going to change. Any time you are brought up in the environment where people love and adore you, individuals suffer a loss of a grip on reality and believe they can do anything at all they want – because people have told them that. It’s just like a newborn who receives everything they want by crying, and as soon as they are older and suddenly they do not get everythng they want they begin acting out – the terrible twos. Exact same principal in my belief.