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I am – Kimberly Stewart’s Bikini


These are pictures of Kimmy Stewart wasting her life away at the beach in a bikini. You see, this girl’s got no talent, no career and her dad’s made enough money to keep her drug addiction, plastic surgery and days at the beach comin’. He’s also made enough money for hot models 20 years younger than him to pretend they’re coming, while he’s coming (inside them), knocking them up, marrying them, and creating a new race in his image, called the Stewarts because there are so fucking many of them. The fact that Rod was on American Idol and sings American Classics, is not the issue here. The issue is why is his son such a cunt, the kind of guy all of us want to beat up, but also the kind of guy who spends his days at the beach, his nights at the hottest clubs and hotel parties with celebrities, all while fucking the hottest girls in sight.

Point of the story is that you should be proud driving your 10 year old car, working your bullshit office job, spending your paycheck on paying bills, fucking ugly bitches when they get too drunk to say no, because at you did it yourself. It’s much more rewarding knowing that you aren’t living off daddy’s millions….at least that’s what you jealous cunts should be telling yourself….


Bonus – Sean Stewart – Kimberly’s Brother

and his tattoo…

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