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I am – Teri Hatcher’s Mistake

Teri Hatcher is one of those annoying rich mothers who puts their daughter in an annoying rich sport, so that she can grow up to be an annoying rich kid with annoying rich kid friend and a mean cocaine. The story is simple, your overbearing mother pressures you into things she always wanted to do as a kid, but didn’t have the means, cuz her dad was a molesting factory worker. It was every girl’s dream to have a pony before they invented computers and designer jeans. So bitch enrolls her girl into this elitist sport, she gets so involved that she’s dressed like she’s fucking competing herself, but covers up her dumpy ass, because let’s face it, she’s not 20 anymore and she’s even coaching her on how to sit on her motherfucking horse. The only outcome in this whole situation is that Little Hatcher becomes one of those private school girls, from a rich family, with no worries, railing lines coke of her music teacher’s dick in the locker room at recess….when you raise a little princess, you are setting yourself up to deal with a little pornstar when the rebelling starts in 5-7 years. I am talking abortions, overdoses and whole lot of “FUCK YOU MOM”. That’s the end of this story.

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