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I am – Ivanka Trump’s Nipples of the Day


Ivanka Trump’s nipple is definitely worth more than you are. The reason is simple, her dad is Donald Trump and he has probably given her a solid salary and a slammin’ trust fund. Like all rich kids, I can only assume Ivanka is completely fucked up but she keeps it out of the public eye. She doesn’t go to all the useless celebrity parties the rich kids like Kimmy Stewart, Paris Hilton, the Osbornes, Nicole Richie and all the others go to. She has a business degree and works for her dad’s company and seems to have a little more class. mainly because she keeps her vagina to herself, unfortunately.

I always loved partying with rich kids back in the days I used to party with rich kids. They never had a real care in the world and would never complain about financing our night out. The people I knew were nothing close to the Trumps in wealth, but doing a bunch of coke while getting my dick sucked by a highclass hooker in a penthouse hotel room was a weekly event that never seemed to be a problem. I have no pics of those nights but I do have pics of Ivanka. Enjoy.

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