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I am – Brooke Hogan Florida Trash of the Day


I went to the strippers last night. It’s something that I do when I feel like feeling like my life doesn’t fully suck as much as it does. The reason I choose strip clubs is simple. The girls are forced to talk and listen to my insanity, even when I am not paying them and they are just trying to solicit lap dances from me. So they come around and chat with me, and I tell them that I don’t eat table scraps, and they look at me wondering what the hell I mean, and I respond by asking how many dudes have grabbed their tits tha night, at which point they fuck off. The only difference last night was that one black chick chatted us up about how she wants to produce porn and how she’s friends with some black star named Lexington Steele, and how if we want to see her in action search her name. This is what I found(NSFW), really fucking classy. A lot like Brooke Hogan. Bitch comes from money, but still manages to look like a piece of trailer park stripper trash. Like Mya Lovely, who sucks dick and gets fucked on the side for some extra coin, but is still too much of a piece of trash to get enough work in the porn game, not that porn is any classier,but she still has to strip to make money. Hogan sings shit songs and has a shit reality show, but still can’t stop buying her cheap outfits at the prostitute store. That concludes this story.

Bonus: Dressed like a Trashy Banana (Jay-Z’s Fetish)

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