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I am – Kirsten Dunt’s Bikini Bottoms…


I love how the websites I rip this shit off of think that seeing any girl in a bikini is a treat. Like it’s fucking Christmas or something. Let’s all go crazy over that bitch we saw in that movie cuz she is in a BIKINI because bikinis mean seeing lots more skin then the last set of paparazzi pics I saw of her shopping…. It’s like they sit at home all day and night, alone. It’s like they don’t get any pussy so they turn to the internet and fantasize about slamming girls they see in their favorite movies (Spiderman). I’d say it’s sad, but it really isn’t, if everyone had the skills to find pussy, the world would be way over-populated, we need the suicidal losers to help the whole ecosystem. And let’s face it – we’d all fuck Dunst even though she’s like a busted old pick up truck.

I do live in Canada though, and bitches here are too fat to wear bikinis, so when I see them (in person) I take a closer look, you know, lookin’ for a little nipple and a little camel toe. But the only time I see bikinis is in the strip club, which I have been to the last 3 days in a row, we are doing a StepExperiment. Last night, I fell in love with a French girl whose stripper name was Mya, real name Samantha. She kept shoving her nipple in my mouth, and even though I knew how many hands had touched those nipples, I couldn’t help but go along with it, because of the whole falling in love thing I mentioned. I blame the booze.


Bonus: Dunst Lookin Like a Retard

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