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I am – Katherine McPhee’s Cleavage of the Day


I am posting these because she lost American Idol yesterday, and I put myself through the hell that was watching the finale. It was mainly because I only have one channel, the Oprah, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, American Idol channel, but I am not making excuses. I am also not going to write about how the show was a promotional tool to sell tickets for their upcoming tour. I am also not going to go into why all these musicians were on the show singing duets with the Idols, other than a publicity stunt. The last time I heard both LIVE and MEATLOAF was in 1990. I will mention that Clay Aiken looks like Fall Out Boy, I guess that’s the new look in the gay scene, or the look in the emo scene to mask one’s sexuality…his duet was jokes, mainly because there are other red-headed faggots who sing out there. I thought he came himself when Aiken showed up, I have a feeling they fucked after the show, like Sonny and Cher used to…I guess other than that, the highlight of the show was McPhee’s Cleavage. Cleavage is one of those things I can always fall back on to make anything good. I came from an era where cleavage was taboo and bitches rocked turtlenecks, so it would still get me hard, provided I could get hard….First post of the day, and I was as painful to write as it was to read. Cuddles.

Bonus – Watch Clay Aiken and His Boyfriend Sing

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