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I am – Rachel Bilson’s Dog….


I have gone over this before, but it’s Friday, and on Friday’s I like to reflect on the things I once said and the things I once did. That and I am tired and bored of reading the shit that I type. I am pretty sure you are all feeling the same way and are looking forward to a 2 day break from all this. Or maybe you’re addicted to me, and that would be kinda exciting, I just hope you never find my home address. Point of all this is to say that a celebrity dog is a lucky dog, not only does the dog live in luxury and meet other celebrity dogs, it gets to watch their celebrity owners fuck, shit and do all the other embarassing things a person does when they are alone. If Bilson has chronic yeast infections, her dog has seen this bitch Monestat 7 that shit, that’s huge. And that’s the end of that.

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