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I am – Courtney Cox’s Nipple of the Day


These pics landed in my inbox, I don’t really do the whole nipple slip thing anymore and I try to leave it for the virgin webmasters, but this is no ordinary nip slip, this is funny cuz this fucking kid is hungry and it knows where to find lunch….I was walking around yesterday for an hour and saw at least 3 new moms feeding their kids. It’s the year of young mothers and bitches just pull their shit out anywhere baby wants. These are the same bitches that you had to take on 10 dates just to get a blowjob from, now that they have a baby they think it’s cool to show the tit cuz it’s no longer a sexual object, it’s a tool. I just want to say that I am down with that thinkin, cuz I don’t care how bitch views her own titties as long as I get them. I don’t mind seeing a little mouth and hand on it, I just pretend she’s got REALLY huge tits. That may have made sense and I am not re-reading it cuz i got places to be.

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