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I am – DJ Am and Nicole Richie Back Again of the Day


I am a fat man, but not a real fat man, a fat man who became fat through self destruction booze, cigarettes and diet not a fat man who just ate a lot of chocolate growing up and who has always been fat. In being a fat man, I have been in situations with other fat men, the kind who are fat from eating a lot of chocolate growing up. These fat men are the ones who smell like cum and love porno. They are the fat men who rock jogging pants and shirts covered in mustard. They are the guys who have never seen a pussy for free, but has fucked a different street whore every fucking week. These guys have no confidence and hate themselves.

When a girl shows them the time of day they get hooked. They go and and get their stomach stapled and drop all the weight, but remain hooked on the girl they attribute to saving their life. Instead of moving on to all the fucking amazing girls you could be slamming, you stick with the whore who fucked you when you were fat and wouldn’t even fuck yourself. She took the time to love you even when you hated yourself kinda thing. I wonder what kind of fat guy DJ AM is as he follows his slut of an ex-fiance around like he was one of her cunty lap dogs…

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